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What is the direct power-on function?

    The direct power-on/off function turns the projector on/off automatically as the power of the whole system is turned on/off using a circuit breaker or other means.
    When the direct power-on function is set to “On”, the projector turns on and is ready to project images, without entering the standby state, when the circuit breaker is turned on.

    The cooling fan stops when the power is turned off using a circuit breaker or other means, or when the power chord is disconnected.
    Although the projector is designed not to be affected by stopping of the cooling fan, do not put it into a carrying case, box, desk, or any other enclosure until the unit has cooled sufficiently.
    Do not block the air intake/exhaust vents while in use or while the unit is cooling down.
    The direct power-on/off function is set to “Off” by default.