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What is Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)?

    Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is an image transmission scheme that allows the device to adjust its refresh rate based on the frame rate of the video source, including game content, to eliminate the stuttering or tearing of the image and enable smooth display of the source.

    • Refresh rate measures how many times the display monitor (computer, TV, etc.) can draw a new image, measured in Hz (Hertz). For example, if the refresh rate of the display is 144 Hz, it will refresh the image 144 times per second.
    • Frame rate measures the number of images displayed in a second, measured in fps (Frames per Second). The higher the frame rate, the smoother the animation. The lower the frame rate, the choppier the animation becomes.

    The models listed in the Applicable Products and Categories of This Article now support VRR pass-through. Because of the feature, even if a Soundbar is connected between a source device (gaming device, etc.) and a display device (TV, etc.), you can still enjoy the VRR feature.

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