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Guide to Using EXTRA BASS Portable Bluetooth Speakers(SRS-XB41,SRS-XB31,SRS-XB21)

    Use speakers to liven up the party!
    SRS-XB41, SRS-XB31, and SRS-XB21 feature sound effects that are output by tapping the speakers, and you can liven up the party by playing the same music from multiple speakers.
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    How to pair a Bluetooth speaker with a source device.

    1. Set the speaker to Pairing mode.
      Press and hold the  (power)/  PAIRING button until the  (Bluetooth) indicator starts flashing rapidly.
      If there are no other devices paired to the speaker, it will automatically be in the Pairing mode when it powers on.
    2. Turn on the Bluetooth function of the device you want to connect.
    3. Complete connection by touching the model name of the speaker displayed on the device that you want to connect.
      When BLUETOOTH connection is established, the  (BLUETOOTH) indicator switches from flashing to a steady state.

    You can confirm the above operations with this video.
    SRS-XB41 Pairing and connecting with BLUETOOTH devices

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    Connecting to an NFC-compatible device using One-touch (NFC)

    Easily perform pairing, connection, disconnection, and switch connections by touching NFC-compatible devices to the speaker.

    1. Turn on the speaker.
    2. Set the NFC function of your smartphone or Walkman to ON.
    3. Touch your NFC-compatible smartphone, Walkman, or other device to the speaker.
    4. Follow along with the connection screen to complete connection.
      When the BLUETOOTH connection is established,  (BLUETOOTH) indicator switches from flashing to a steady state.

    You can confirm the above operations with this video.
    SRS-XB41 Connecting with an NFC-compatible device by One-touch (NFC)

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    Using "Party Booster" to liven up the party with sound effects.

    The Party Booster function plays up to 15 different sound effects when you tap the speaker to the music.
    Featuring a built-in grip that makes it easier to hold, you can tap your speaker in different places to make different sounds - like a scratch, snare, kick drum and cowbell. Control the volume with force, tap gently for a soft sound or give it a good hit for a loud output.

    How to use Party Booster

    1. Turn on the speaker.
    2. Turn on the Party Booster function.
      Press and hold the (volume) button and the + (volume) button of the speaker at the same time for more than 3 seconds.
      When the Party Booster function turns on, the  (power) indicator flashes 3 times.
      When the built-in battery level is low and the  (power) indicator is flashing, the number of flashes may be different.

      NOTE: You can also turn the Party Booster function on using the following methods.

      • Tap the speaker’s body
      • Using the "Sony | Music Center" application
    3. Tap on the top, front, both sides, or bottom of the speaker.
      Sound effects output from the speaker and the speaker’s light turns on.
      The surface where sound effects are output when you tap are the top, front, both sides, and bottom of the speaker.
      The type and volume of the sound effect change depending on which surface you tap and how strongly you tap it.

    How to set the sound effects

    You can easily choose from several different sound effect settings using the Sony | Music Center app.

    1. Open the "Sony | Music Center" app on your smartphone.
    2. Tap SRS-XB**.
    3. Tap Settings – Party Booster – Tap Settings – OFF, and then select a mode of the Party Booster function.
      Select Custom mode to set sound effects for the top, front, left, right, and bottom panels of the speaker.

    Refer to the video below for how to use "Party Booster".

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    Using Wireless Party Chain to liven up the party by connecting multiple speakers.

    Connect multiple speakers that support the Wireless Party Chain function to play the same music from all of the speakers and liven up the party with loud music.

    NOTE: Refer to the product manual to see if the speaker supports the Wireless Party Chain function.

    How to operate

    1. Set all speakers that you want to connect within 1 m of each other.
    2. Set up the first speaker
      1. Connect the speaker to your Bluetooth device.
      2. Press the WPC (Wireless Party Chain) button inside the cap on the rear side of the speaker.
        The  (BLUETOOTH) and WPC (Wireless Party Chain) indicators flash.
        After about 6 seconds, a beep is heard, then the WPC (Wireless Party Chain) indicator lights up.
        The  (BLUETOOTH) indicator keeps flashing.
    3. Connect a second or more speakers.
      NOTE: Connect the second speaker within 1 minute. After 1 minute or more, the speaker setting is canceled.
      1. Turn on the speaker.
        The  (BLUETOOTH) indicator of the speaker you turned on flashes in blue.
      2. Press the WPC (Wireless Party Chain) button.
        A beep is heard, the  (BLUETOOTH) indicator flashes and the WPC (Wireless Party Chain) indicator lights up, then the  (BLUETOOTH) indicator turns off. The WPC (Wireless Party Chain) indicator continues to stay lit.
      3. To connect additional speakers, repeat steps 3-1 to 3-2.
        When connecting a third or more speakers, connect each one within 30 seconds of connecting the previous speaker. After 30 seconds or more, the speaker cannot be connected.
        If you want to add another speaker after connecting (30 seconds or more), operate step 2-2, then operate steps 3–1 to 3-2.
    4. Start playback on the connected BLUETOOTH device.
      The same music is played from all speakers.

    You can confirm the above operations with this video.
    SRS-XB21/XB31/XB41 Using Wireless Party Chain function

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    What you can do with Music Center (SongPal)?

    NOTE: The name of the application was changed from SongPal to Music Center in May 2017.

    Music Center is an app that you can use for playback of sound sources and other operations with Sony audio devices via wireless connection.
    With Music Center, you can play the music files stored on your mobile device as well.

    Depending on the function of the connected devices, the main functions available on Music Center are as follows.

    • Wireless Multi-room, Wireless Surround and Wireless Stereo functions (Network connection)
    • Speaker Add function (BLUETOOTH connection)
    • Network connection settings for the audio devices
    • Settings for the sound and equalizer
    • Auto standby settings
    • Version check of the audio device

    The following functions are available only on Music Center:

    • Playback of the music files, including high-resolution audio files, stored on a mobile device
    • Wireless Party Chain function (BLUETOOTH connection)
    • Output to USB DAC devices

    You can download the Music Center app for free from the Google Play store on Android devices or from the App Store on Apple iOS devices.
    For details, visit the following website:

    How to care for the speaker

    Although the fabric part of the speaker has water repellent treatment applied, you can use the speaker more comfortably and for a longer period of time by following the maintenance procedure below.
    When using the speaker at the beach or pool, it may come into contact with salt, sand, or other foreign substances (sunscreen, sun tan lotion, etc.). If the surface is dirtied through such contact, follow the maintenance procedure below.

    How to care

    Before maintenance, confirm that cap ① on the back of the speaker is completely closed.

    1. Wash the speaker in fresh water (tap water, etc.) to remove foreign substances.
      The speaker is not resistant to water pressure. Do not perform this step using high water pressure, such as in a shower.
    2. Wipe any remaining water off of the surface using a soft dry cloth.
    3. Put the speaker on a dry soft cloth with the SONY logo facing down to drain the collected water inside the speaker.
      The sound quality may change when water enters the speaker section of the system. It is not malfunction. 
    4. Place the speaker in a well-ventilated location until it dries completely.


      • If you do not clean foreign substances off of the speaker, the fabric part may become discolored or deteriorate, leading to speaker malfunction.
        When the surface is dirtied, perform maintenance as soon as possible.
      • Do not use detergents, thinner, benzine, alcohol, or other chemicals on the speaker. It may negatively affect the water repellent treatment of the fabric part of the speaker.
      • Do not use a vacuum cleaner to remove sand or other foreign substances that have entered the fabric part of the speaker.
        It may damage the speaker unit.
      • In cold regions, etc., leaving moisture on its surface may cause the speaker to freeze and malfunction.
        When water droplets attached to the speaker, be sure to wipe off the moisture of the speaker using a dry, soft cloth, etc.