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Where to download Micro Vault device drivers for Windows Me/2000/XP/Vista or Macintosh OS 9.0 or higher?

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Downloading Micro Vault device drivers for Windows Me/2000/XP/Vista or Macintosh OS 9.0 or higher.

Ordinarily, the device drivers are automatically installed when the Micro Vault is connected to the computer. However, with some USB 2.0 cards or boards, user may need to initiate installation manually. Please follow the instructions displayed on the screen to search for a suitable driver.


  • There are no device drivers provided for Windows® Me/2000/XP/Vista OS or Macintosh OS 9.0 or higher.
  • Please ensure the computer is updated with the latest Windows Update.
  • Please visit the download section of this website to download applicable 98/98SE drivers.
  • USM-LX,USM-L,USM-JX,USM512FL,USM-H,USM-EX Turbo model does not support Windows 98/98SE.