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Samba TV Frequently Asked Questions

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    To enjoy Samba Interactive TV, please update your Android TV software to version PKG6.5629 or higher.
    For how to update software, please check How do I perform Firmware/ Software Updates for my Android TV?

    What is Samba TV

    Samba TV is a service name of a third-party company, Free Stream Media Corp. (not Sony). Sony Visual Products Inc. and Free Stream Media have collaborated to offer interactive TV features and services with certain BRAVIA televisions. Samba Interactive TV utilizes your viewing data to provide you with interest-based advertisements. You can also access interactive features with Samba TV’s Spotlight app.

    Samba Interactive TV allows you to choose to connect and associate your mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet) with your TV. Samba Interactive TV uses the TV’s viewing history to deliver viewing recommendations and interest-based advertisement to your paired mobile device, even when it is disconnected from your network. 

    Click here for more information about Samba TV.

    Samba TV offers two applications:

    1. Samba Interactive TV, an application included with the firmware of certain BRAVIA televisions.
    2. Spotlight by Samba TV (for iPad)
      - Not all iPad models support "Spotlight by Samba TV". Available only on an iPad with iOS™ 7.0 or higher operating system.
      - If you download and install “Spotlight by Samba TV” App to your iPad and agree to the applicable terms of service and acknowledge notice of Samba TV’s privacy policy, you may receive (A) reminder notices when a favorite program is scheduled to start (based on your registration in advance) and (B) details of your favorite TV programs (such as actors, stories, etc. of each program) on your iPad. The app will also allow provide enhanced features if you choose to pair the app with your Samba-enabled television. 


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