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Bluetooth connection: Frequently Asked Questions for Sony's Android TV™/Google TV™

    This page introduces Frequently Asked Questions about Bluetooth for Sony's Android TV or Google TV.
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    Basic information

    For the following information, refer to the Help Guide.

    • How to pair the TV with a Bluetooth device
    • Supported Bluetooth profiles

    Connection with Audio devices (Headphones, speakers, and sound bars)

    Bluetooth A2DP-supported models can connect with Bluetooth audio devices such as headphones or speakers.
    For compatibility information, refer to the following article:

    For information on pairing with Bluetooth audio devices, refer to the following articles:

    For troubleshooting Bluetooth connection, refer to the following articles:

    Connection with other devices


    If you cannot pair or connect your Bluetooth device with the TV, refer to the following article.

    If you have any trouble with your audio device Bluetooth connection on Android TV or Google TV (2017 to 2021), refer to the following article.