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Netflix is dropping back to the Home page when trying to play a movie.

    IMPORTANT: If additional model specific information is needed to perform any of the steps listed here, refer to the instruction manual provided with your TV.

    Follow these steps if Netflix drops back to Home page when trying to play a movie:

    1. Make sure that your Internet video device is connected to a high-speed Internet connection.

      NOTE: For watching Internet video content, we recommend using a connection speed of at least:

      • 2.5 Mbps for standard definition (SD) content
      • 10 Mbps for high definition (HD) content
      • More information about the Netflix streaming requirements can be found here .
    2. Make sure that the latest firmware has been installed. Updates are available from the Settings menu of the device or by downloading from this site using a computer.
    3. Power cycle all of the network equipment such as modem and router by powering off for 1 minute.
    4. Perform Refresh Internet Content.
      NOTE: This step is not necessary on an Android TV
    5. If the other Internet Video channels are working, there may be a problem with the link between your device and Netflix.
      Follow these steps to re-link your device with Netflix:
      1. Unlink your Netflix account from your Internet video device.
        Select the link below that best meets your situation:
      2. Link the Internet video device  to your active Netflix account.
      3. Access Netflix channel on your Internet video device.