Article ID : 00198364 / Last Modified : 04/03/2019

The audio and video are out of sync; there is an audio delay.

    There are a number of circumstances that can cause the audio and video to be out of sync.

    • If watching a TV program, it could be the broadcast itself or a bad connection between your cable/satellite set-top box (if applicable).
    • If a DVD or Blu-ray Disc® player is connected, a poor connection or the disc itself could be the cause.
    • When connected to a home theater system with a digital optical cable, then there may be an audio delay that requires a manually adjustment on the home theater system. There may even be a setting on the TV itself causing this issue.

    NOTE: If the TV is connected to a soundbar or home theater system (with an HDMI cable or optical cable):
    The sound may be delayed due to audio processing delays in the soundbar or home theater system. In such cases, there are no issues with the TV speakers.

    Because each of the steps below represent a possible solution to this issue, check if the issue is resolved after completing each step.

    1. Make sure that the TV has the latest system software (firmware) installed.


      • Not all TVs have software that can be updated. To see if your TV can be updated, check the TV specifications.
      • If the TV is connected to a high-speed Internet connection, a software update can be downloaded from the menu of the TV. Downloads are posted on your model support page.
    2. If watching a TV program, try changing the channel to see if the problem occurs on other channels; if it only occurs on one channel, then the issue is with the broadcast.

      NOTE: If the issue occurs on one channel only, contact the broadcast network provider.

    3. Make sure all cables are securely connected to the TV and the source device (set-top box, DVD player, BD player, home theater system, or game console).
    4. Try playing a different video source to determine if the issue occurs with other connected devices.
    5. If your TV has a Game Mode setting, do one of the following:
      • Set the Game Mode to Off when watching TV or playing a DVD or BD.
      • Set the Game Mode to On when playing a video game.
    6. If issue is happening when using TV speakers, perform a power reset on the TV.
    7. If there is a home theater system and a digital optical cable is used in the connection, manually change the Audio/Video Sync or Audio Delay setting on the home theater system (if available).


      • Audio delay adjustments usually range from 0ms to approximately 250ms.
      • For information about the availability of A/V sync or Audio Delay setting, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product.
      • For a third-party home theater system, check the instruction manual or contact the manufacturer for information on how to adjust the A/V sync setting.
    8. If all of the following conditions are met, try changing the Digital audio out and A/V sync settings.
      • Your TV is an Android TV™ model.
      • You are connecting an audio system such as a soundbar, receiver, or home theater system to the HDMI IN (ARC) port of the TV.
      • The issue only occurs when watching TV programs from an antenna connection.
    • Set Digital audio out to PCM.
    1. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
    2. Select  Settings.
    3. Under TV category, select Sound.
    4. Select Digital audio out.
    5. Select PCM.
    • Try changing the current A/V sync setting.
      NOTE: Not all Android TVs have A/V sync setting. Check your manual for model-specific information. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    1. Press the HOME button.
    2. Select  Settings.
    3. Under TV category, select Sound.
    4. Select A/V sync.
    5. Change the current setting (to On, Off, or Auto) and check if the issue is resolved.

    If the issue is still unresolved, service may be required.