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What accessories or lenses are compatible with my camera or camcorder?

How to find compatible lenses, memory cards, battery, flash and other accessories

    You can find out which accessories or lenses are compatible with your camera or camcorder on the Product Page.

    1. Getting to your Product Page

    1. Make sure you know your model name. If you are unsure, this page can help you find it:

    2. Type in your model name in the search bar on the Support website.


      IMPORTANT: Make sure you type your model name correctly (including the hyphen (-) if applicable). The predictive search feature will help you make sure you’re typing the model correctly.
    3. Go to your Product Page by clicking on your product name in the auto-suggest feature or in the search results.


    2. Select the "Compatibility" tab


    3. Select the "Accessory Compatibility" or "Lens Compatibility" link


    4. Check the Compatibility Information from our compatibility page

    1. Accessory Compatibility contains information for compatible flash, memory cards, power, and other accessories such as casing, etc.


    2. Lens Compatibility* list out the compatible lenses for interchangable cameras.

      *Not available for compact cameras.