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Guide to Using Wireless Sports Headsets (WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N, WI-SP500)


    The sports series headsets can be used to enjoy music comfortably in a variety of situations.

    This page introduces the settings and maintenance methods for using the headsets in each situation.
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    1. Before use
    2. For comfortable use outdoors (WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N)
    3. Try using the voice assist function
    4. Battery
    5. Play Sports while listening to music
    6. Recommended Maintenance

    1. Before use

    How to choose the correct earbuds and arc supporters

    There's a tendency among headset users to just keep using the earbuds and arc supporters that come with the headset at time of purchase. If the earbuds don't fit your ears, you might miss out on the original sound quality or the headset may fall out of your ears, so you should always choose earbuds that fit you.


    [A]: Earbuds (WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N)
    [B]: Ear tips(WI-SP500)

    If the earbuds do not fit, or if you feel as though the bass range is lacking, exchange the left and right earbuds for ones that fit your ears. Do not take the edges of the earbud between your fingers and tug on them when removing it.
    NOTE: Remove slowly starting at the base of the earbud.

    Arc Supporter (WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N)

    The sports headsets come with an M sized arc supporter upon purchase. If it feels too small, exchange it for an L size.


    Make sure that you do not tug on the end of the arc supporter when removing it from the headset.
    NOTE: Remove slowly starting at the base of the arc supporter.

    For details check the following video of WF-SP700N:

    Learn how to turn captions on or off when watching Internet videos from YouTube

    Purchasing spares

    You can order earbuds, ear tips, and arc supporters from the Sony Service Center.

    Using the carrying holder (WI-SP500) 

    You can use the attached carrying holder for compact storage, and also avoid the cable getting tangled in your bag.



    2. For comfortable use outdoors (WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N)

    Use with noise canceling turned on in places where the surrounding noise echoes, and with ambient sound mode turned on for roadside walks. With settings to match differing situations, you can use the headset with ease.
    Noise canceling automatically turns on when you power on the headset. The function changes in the following manner each time you press the button:
    Noise canceling on --> ambient sound mode --> noise canceling off



    Using dedicated app Sony | Headphones Connect (WF-SP700N / WI-SP600N)

    If you use Sony | Headphones Connect, you can set ambient sound mode to voice mode or normal mode. You can choose from "Relax", "Bass Boost", and your other favorite effects with the equalizer.

    Check the following page for details.


    Quick Sound Settings

    Press the  (power) or NC/AMB button twice to switch instantly to the preset ambient sound control and equalizer modes.

    3. Try using the voice assist function

    You can use the Siri/Google app on your smartphone to make vocal commands through the headset' mic.
    NOTE: Please enable the Siri/Google app in advance.
    Press and hold the button while on standby or during music playback to activate the Siri/Google app.


    Press and hold the right unit button (2 sec).
    Activation sounds and assist audio can be heard from the left unit.


    Press and hold the  button.


    Press the button  twice, press the button twice within 0.5 sec and release it.

    4. Battery

    If the battery becomes low while you are away from home, charge it on the spot to prepare for your next use.
    Set the headset in the charging case. (WF-SP700N)

    When the charging case is fully charged, it can completely charge the headset almost twice.
    You can also charge the headset using a computer or mobile battery. (WI-SP600N, WI-SP500)


    5. Play sports while listening to music

    Splashproof specifications compliant with IPX4 under "Liquid ingress protection" of the JIS C 0920 IP Code. Feel free to use it even in situations where you sweat a lot.

    Easily operate your smartphone or other player from beside your ears. If your Bluetooth device is compatible with device operation (compatible profile: AVRCP), you can use the button on the headset to operate music playback on your smartphone or other device.
    NOTE:  The functions available depend on the Bluetooth device. Check the manual of your device for details.

    How to operate WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N

    • Play/pause: Press the button once(●).
    • Cue the next track : Press the button twice(●●).
    • Cue the previous track(or the currently playing track) : Press the button three times(●●●).

    How to operate WI-SP500

    • Play/pause : Press the   button once (●).
    • Cue the previous track (or the currently playing track) Next track: Press and hold  the button until you hear a beep.
    • When you want to cue the track 3 tracks in advance,  press and hold the  button until you hear a beep, then immediately press the  button twice in succession.

    6. Recommended Maintenance

    How to maintain the headset after using it.

    After using the headset, wipe off any water droplets with a soft dry cloth. If there are any water droplets inside the hole of the earbud, remove the earbud and point the sound duct downward, and then shake it two or three times to remove any water droplets.

    Terminal maintenance (WF-SP700N)

    If the terminal becomes dirty, clean it with a soft cloth.