For the music Selected Video Text Transcript

This is a brand concept video presented by Miguel, a singer-songwriter, producer and musician from Los Angeles. The video conveys Sony Audio products’ new brand concept of For The Music.

The video starts with an aerial view flying slowly through a nighttime cityscape. Stylised titles read "Sony presents", then "For The Music x Miguel" as the camera flies towards a tall Sony building. The shot changes to a birds-eye view of a street intersection, with a night-vision style black and white effect on the image, and the For The Music logo visible in the middle of the intersection.

Miguel speaks: “Having a vision is one thing. Executing that vision is another” and we cut to an aerial shot of the top of the Sony building with a character walking across the helipad. A closer shot reveals the character to be Miguel on the roof, his boots firmly planted, as he determinedly strains under a rope which appears to hang off the edge of the building behind him. The rope is suddenly released, and the shot cuts to Miguel looking over the edge of the building as the rope spirals towards the ground.

His voiceover continues: “So, are you ready? Ready to commit? Ready to face your fear?”

It becomes clear, Miguel on the roof was holding the rope for a second Miguel, harnessed and scaling the side of the building. The climbing Miguel holds the frame of the building and looks back up at the rooftop Miguel pensively, then down, to see what's beneath him at street level.

He continues talking: “Ready to face yourself? With everyone watching, are you ready to face yourself? Are you ready to accept every uncomfortable, unprecedented possibility? It was never a question.”

Among the crowd of people below him, he sees another Miguel, looking up. We cut back to the climbing Miguel, now focused on his reflection in the building's glass windows. He pushes back from the building then throws a series of powerful punches, each cracking the glass more.

The voiceover continues: “Their limits don't have to be your limits.”

A black and white aerial view shows him hanging, tenuously, from the building among other skyscrapers. As the voiceover continues with “When it's for the music, you've just got to break the rules”, he breaks through the glass with his head.

"Number 9" by Miguel starts playing as we see his weightless body flying in slow motion among the glimmering reflective window shards. The floating Miguel looks directly at the camera, as the scene transitions into an animated For The Music logo, followed by the Sony motion logo.