For the music Selected Video Text Transcript

This is a product concept video for LinkBuds S, presented by Olivia Rodrigo, an American singer-songwriter and actress. The video features a new LinkBuds S design, in collaboration with Olivia.

The video starts with Olivia lying on a bed and the combined logos “LinkBuds S x OR”. She is dressed in a violet cropped top. Her bedspread, walls, curtains, and other furniture also all feature a violet-coloured theme. She picks up the new LinkBuds S violet case, takes her earbuds from the case and puts them in her ears, then picks up her smartphone from the bed. The Sony | Headphones Connect app Custom EQ is displayed on the phone screen, and she changes the EQ setting to GUTS, then taps the right side LinkBuds S earbud. A beep is heard and song by Olivia Rodrigo starts playing.

She leaps off her bed and the camera follows her as she dances from her bedroom into the hallway. The camera moves with her as she continues to dance and interact with the camera into a dining room and lounge, sparsely decorated but with the same violet-coloured walls, curtains and carpet. A dining table is set for breakfast with a violet box of “Olivia O’s” cereal and a glass of juice.

Wide-angle shots of the room show Olivia dancing playfully to her music, then the camera cuts to a shot of the outside where a crowd, also wearing violet LinkBuds S headphones, is starting to gather.

The diverse crowd continues to grow and we can see them looking at Olivia through the dining room window. The crowd outside are smiling and dancing together with Olivia. As the energy of the music builds, the crowd appears inside and dancing along with Olivia.

A medium shot show Olivia taking a quick breath and then she taps the headphone again. The crowd dancing behind her immediately disappear as the track stops, and all we can hear is the sound of a sprinkler outside. Olivia looks around the room, and outside, then the camera cuts to a wide shot and the room is silent and empty. Animated logos for LinkBuds S with the tagline “Listen like Olivia-LinkBuds S x Olivia Rodrigo with Custom EQ”, then For The Music Logo and, finally, the Sony motion logo finish the video.