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Image of the Sony INZONE H9 gaming headset with VALORANT characters and INZONE and VALORANT VCT23 logos Image of the Sony INZONE H9 gaming headset with VALORANT characters and INZONE and VALORANT VCT23 logos

The Official Gaming Headset Partner of the VALORANT Champions Tour

Headshot image of Neli from EXCEL ESPORTS wearing an INZONE H9 headset

“The comfort of wearing INZONE H9 has been great since I started using it. This headset is like having my own radar. Also, the INZONE HUB personalisation made my gameplay more realistic, immersive and accurate.”

Neli – EXCEL ESPORTS VALORANT Game Changers Player

Image of ethos from NRG sitting at a desk with a poster in the background and an NZONE H9 headset on the desk

“The INZONE H9 Headset is perfect for tactical first-person shooters like VALORANT because it does a great job at isolating sounds in-game. Its world-class noise cancellation makes it easy to hear every sound in the game clearly whether you’re at home by yourself or at a LAN tournament with hundreds of people cheering. The INZONE H9 headset is the ideal peripheral for anyone looking to take their game to the next level.”

ethos | NRG

VCT Americas International League Team

Image of a man in a purple lit room playing VALORANT on a PC whilst wearing an INZONE H9 gaming headset Image of a man in a purple lit room playing VALORANT on a PC whilst wearing an INZONE H9 gaming headset

Immortal ranked Sony engineer explains how the INZONE H9 helps him win on VALORANT

Crush the competition in Competitive Mode

I am a Sentinel and an in-game leader (IGL), so it’s important for me to have an overall grasp of the situation. The INZONE H9 has increased my ability to distinguish sounds and increased the amount of information I can use for strategy building. This has meant that my range of strategies has broadened and the accuracy of giving instructions to team members has improved.

From small sounds like distant footsteps, I can now get a sense of the distance, even behind me, that I couldn’t with the headset I was using before. I can also better understand the material of the floor on which the opposing team walks and identify the footsteps of each agent. These small footsteps are often buried in the voice chat, but even the smallest sounds of installation-based abilities can now be heard clearly. Noise Cancelling reduces the outside noise, which helps me concentrate and distinguish the gaming sounds, no matter how light they are.

Supporting Technology
360 Spatial Sound for Gaming / 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer / Noise Cancelling

Image of an in-game VALORANT screenshot with a man wearing an INZONE H9 gaming headset overlaid

In Unrated Mode and warm-up

What I like most about the INZONE H9 is that I can listen to my favourite music from my smartphone as background music during Deathmatch and at the Shooting Range, using the same music app I usually use. I can also adjust the volume with the controls on my smartphone.

Supporting Technology
Simultaneous 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth® connection

Image of the H9 headset with lines leading to a PC via a wireless 2.4GHz symbol and a mobile phone via a Bluetooth symbol

In Queue and taking breaks

When I need to leave my seat for a moment during a matching, I can move around freely without removing the headset. This is convenient because it does not interfere with stretching and emotional expressions. The sound delay, which is generally a concern with wireless headsets, is not a problem at all with the INZONE H9. Now that I have switched to wireless, I will never go back to wired.

Supporting Technology
Low delay with 2.4 GHz wireless connection

Image of a man drinking from a metal cup whilst wearing an INZONE H9 gaming headset with a PC in the background

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Wireless Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset

Try INZONE H9 for yourself and see what a difference it can make.
Image of the INZONE H9 gaming headset


Sharpen your senses and prepare for victory. Our INZONE gaming headsets help you hear more clearly and react faster for invincible gaming.
Image of the INZONE H9 gaming headset on a purple and pink gradient background