Key features

New cinematic expression from a sensitive full-frame sensor

The all new 10.26 megapixel 35mm full-frame back-illuminated CMOS Exmor R™ image sensor delivers stunning images tailored for cinematic video recording. Powered by the innovative BIONZ XR image processing engine, the FX6 boasts unparalleled readout speeds by up to 4x when compared to earlier models*.

Employing a large-format sensor, the FX6 delivers extraordinary cinematic bokeh, 15+ stops of wide dynamic range**, and supports a dual base ISO for incredibly low noise and extraordinarily high sensitivity. And, like the FX9, the FX6 has focal plane phase-detection autofocus, taking advantage of the innovation made by the Alpha interchangeable lens camera line-up. Within the FX6, the phase detection AF point layout has been optimised to achieve notably improved AF precision and stability.

  • *Compared to the video recording performance of FS5II. Sony tests
  • ** When shooting in SLog3. Sony tests
Image | Full Frame Sensor

Capture every moment with stunning image quality and precise AF technology

The FX6 is the first professional Sony camcorder to allow internal slow-motion capture at QFHD resolution up to 120 frames per second, delivering smooth 5x slow motion*. What’s more, the FX6 can also record internally DCI-4K up to 60 frames per second. Whether filming in QFHD or DCI-4K, the FX6 delivers stunning image quality using the XAVC I (Intra) Class 300 recording format with 10-bit 4:2:2 chroma sampling. For even slower frame rates, recording at Full-HD will enable 240 frames per second** for 10x slow motion (24p recording).

Sony is an industry leader for autofocus performance, and this innovation in technology paired with adopting autofocus methods in professional filming, has culminated in nuanced and cinematic autofocus. The advanced Fast-Hybrid AF system used in the FX6 is comprised of 627 phase-detection points, with 89% coverage across the sensor for extremely fast, precise focusing. This incredible autofocus speed and coverage is paired with Real-Time Eye AF and Face Detection AF, with subject selection, which simultaneously offers greater autofocus control while delivering focusing simplicity. Additionally, the FX6 supports variable autofocus transition speeds and autofocus subject lock-on sensitivity, offering natural focus transitions. This unparalleled autofocus performance is achievable in all frame rates in all recording modes, ensuring the FX6 will ever miss focus in any frame.

  • *10% crop, approx., when SDI RAW output is enabled while shooting QFHD in S&Q mode.
  • ** With full-frame sensor scan only. XAVC-I 422 10-bit Class 100 when shooting full HD.
Image | Image Quality and AF

Internal Recording Format

Imager Scan Mode Recording Resolution Frame Rate
1-60fps 100, 120fps 150, 180, 200, 240fps
Full-frame DCI 4K
✓ * - -
✓ ** ✓ *** -
Full HD
Super35 Full HD
  • *With 5% image crop, compared to QFHD
  • **With 10% image crop when SDI RAW output is activated
  • ***With 10% image crop

Mastering diverse lighting situations

Taking full advantage of the full-frame sensor, the FX6 is a real low light monster that has an incredible expanded ISO of 320 up to a staggering 409,600*. When shooting in Cine EI mode, the FX6 utilises the dual base ISO for noise-free footage at either ISO 800 for optimum performance in controlled lighting conditions, or ISO 12800 for enhanced sensitivity when shooting in low light. What’s more, the wide 15+ stop dynamic range** preserves fine details in bright highlights and rich information in deep shadows, all with low noise in remarkably clear images.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, Sony’s electronically controlled Variable ND filter allows seamless ND adjustment from 1/4 to 1/128. With this electronic Variable ND Filter, exposure in the scene is controlled and consistent even when changing the aperture to achieve the desired depth of field. For a streamlined process, the FX6 also supports an Auto ND function that keeps exposure constant by automatically adjusting the ND filter when the camera is moved between lighting environments.

  • *in Custom mode
  • **When shooting SLog3. Sony Tests.
Image | Lighting

Improved color science inspired by VENICE

Inspired by the cinema VENICE camera, the FX6 supports color workflows for both intricate film sets with detailed post-production process, and fast turn-around projects. S-Cinetone responds to a growing need for more expressive color and tone depth when recording footage with the need to deliver footage fast. The straight out-of-camera color has been designed to match the FX9 color with natural mid-tones that are essential to healthy-looking skin tones and soft colors with gorgeous highlights.

For true color control and to maximize the wide 15+ dynamic range, the Cine EI mode allows the use of Sony’s original S-Log3 gamma curve as well as the wide S-Gamut3 and S-Gamut3.Cine color spaces.

To support both post-production and on set workflows, within Cine EI mode the FX6 allows users to import LUTs to either monitor the footage on set, or these can be applied directly into the footage removing the need for color grading in post-production. Not only can the imported LUTs be viewed on the supplied LCD monitor, but these can be sent out via the SDI/HDMI outputs, providing a more accurate representation of the final image to external viewing screens.

Image | Colour Science

Amazing compact and lightweight modular body

The FX6 has inherited the “grab and shoot” style from the FS5 cameras which was characterised by its compact and lightweight design. Despite the compact size, the FX6 has a large-format full-frame image sensor and built-in cooling, allowing creators to explore new horizons. The size and weight of the FX6 is not only ideal for handheld shooting but is also practical when mounting on a gimbal stabilizer or drone, and even in underwater housing.

The modular body makes it easy to attach or remove accessories with eight mount screws, allowing the FX6 to still feel at home when kitted out on a large rig. The Smart Grip and Smart Handle offers greater flexibility when shooting from different angles, unlocking unique perspectives. The supplied high-resolution LCD touch panel screen allows quick access to change functions on the move and can be configured into nine different positions for a truly customized experience.

Image | Lightweight & Compact Body

Professional operability and connectivity

Designed with professionals in mind, the FX6 contains all the operability and functionality expected from a cinema camera. 12G-SDI and HDMI outputs offer external monitoring as well as external recording in 16-bit RAW for the most demanding film content. For internal recording, the FX6 delivers incredibly rich footage through the XAVC-I recording format at 4:2:2 chroma subsampling, with internal audio recording capable via the 4 channel XLR recording inputs. The FX6 supports audio monitoring and volume level controls on the body of the camera for fast and intuitive changes, and if needed these can be set to auto for even faster workflows.

Image | Professional Operability and Reliability

Innovative heat dissipation to prevent thermal shut down

To ensure dependable full-frame recording in demanding environments and at high resolutions and frame rates, the FX6 features an innovative heat dissipation structure. The placement of internal heatsinks and the entire airflow structure has been redesigned to offer optimal cooling. When required, a silent fan provides ventilation for continuous recording at full resolution, with intake and exhaust air structurally isolated to maintain strong dust and moisture resistance.

Image | Innovative heat dissipation

Two CFexpress Type A-compatible media slots

The camera's two media slots are compatible with CFexpress Type A cards as well as SDXC/SDHC cards supporting UHS-I and UHS-II speed classes. CFexpress Type A cards are the next standard for compact storage with fast write/read speeds suitable for 4K movie recording at high bit rates. They are capable of quickly clearing camera buffers even when high volumes of movie data are being generated.

Image | Two CFexpress Type A-compatible media slots

Metadata to facilitate editing with Catalyst

Sony’s Catalyst Browse and Prepare software are ideal production partners for the FX6. The FX6 records three types of metadata: image stabilisation, clip flag, and camera rotation. These can be useful when previewing and preparing to edit in Sony’s free Catalyst Browse or cost-effective Catalyst Prepare software.

Image | Metadata to facilitate editing with Catalyst

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Visit the FX6 product page to read about full features and specs.

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