Frequently asked questions about Sony Internet TV
Q. How much broadband access do i need for Sony Internet TV features like catch-up tv and movies?

A. You can enjoy the benefits of Sony Internet TV on most standard internet plans. This table shows you the approximate number of hours of online content you can enjoy with different sized broadband plans. Of course, usage will vary depending on what you choose to watch.

Hours indicated are as a guide only. Video bit rates will vary and are controlled by the content owner. Calculations based on the following bit rates: Low = 350Kb/s, Standard = 800Kb/s, High = 1200Kb/s, HD = 2500Kb/s @ 720 lines.

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Can i watch content stored on my pc on my Bravia TV?

A. You can view content stored on your PC on a DLNA certified BRAVIA TV via a home network.

Is Sony Internet TV HD?

A. Sony Internet TV can support Full HD Video content. However it is up to each individual 'channel' to determine the overall resolution of the videos they make available for viewing. Most content is provided in a format that delivers the best balance of quick access and picture quality.

How much broadband access do i need for oneline music features such as music unlimited?

A. Music Unlimited is able to deliver CD-like quality at very low bit rates using the latest encoding technology. So non-stop listening would equate to the following:

• 1 hour = 21 MB • 1 Day = 518 MB • 1 Week = 3.6GB • 1 Month = 15.3GB

Can i browse the web with a Bravia TV?

A. Yes, the new 2011 range of BRAVIA televisions with Sony Internet TV functionality now include an in-built Opera HTML web browser.

What shows are available?

A. Programmes are supplied at the discretion of the content provider. They own the rights to the shows and decide what to make available. You can expect more free to air shows to become available as the popularity of 'Internet TV' grows. See what is currently available at

Which Sony Internet TV services are subject to charges?

A. The majority of Sony Internet TV channels and services are provided free of charge. However there are some exciting new channels and services launched or coming soon that are subject to charges as follows:

1. WiggleTime TV – monthly, quarterly & annual subscription

2. Music Unlimited:
Basic access – $4.99 per month More
Premium access - $12.99 per month More

3. Berlin Philharmoniker:
24-hour ticket: 9.90 Euros
30-day ticket: 29 Euros
12-month ticket: 149 Euros

4. Video on Demand – pay per view movies More

When will new channels and services be launching?

A. New channels and services will launch on an ongoing basis and will appear automatically on connected TVs. Recently announced new channel launch timings are as follows:

1. WiggleTIme TV - launching Winter 2011

2. Video On Demand – coming Autumn / Winter 2011

3. Skype functionality available April 2011 via software update

How do i find about new channels?

A. New Sony Internet TV channels will appear on your BRAVIA Internet Video menu automatically, as they come online.