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Upgrading your camera shouldn't mean throwing away your lenses.
With one mount standard across the Sony Alpha range, you'll never leave a lens you love behind.

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Vast range of native lenses with unmatched innovation

With over 30 full-frame lenses and growing, Sony stands as the undisputed leader with the largest range of full-frame dedicated mirrorless lenses.

The Sony E-Mount Alpha lens range offers choices for all picture-taking scenarios. G Master, G and ZEISS professional lenses offer a versatile selection of focal range with industry-leading optical performance, whilst the classic Sony range broadens creative possibilities for a wider audience.

G Master Lenses

G Master

High resolution and spectacular bokeh come together in lenses that will continue to deliver ultimate performance with the most advanced camera bodies for many years to come.

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G Lenses

G Lens

Large-aperture G lenses combine a number of advances to deliver exceptional performance. Special glass minimises colour shifts that can occur at large apertures; the circular aperture helps create a beautifully defocused background.

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G Master Lenses

ZEISS® Lenses

Sony has jointly developed a line of lenses with the legendary ZEISS to put over 160 years of optical expertise into your hands. Special glass, coatings and sophisticated manufacturing combine to give you truly professional, creative tools.

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Extraordinary image quality

Sony is the world's largest manufacturer of image sensors, thanks to our strong technological leadership.

Wide ISO Range

Sony's leading image sensor and image processor technology delivers high resolution and low noise throughout a wide ISO range.

Bionz X image

An enhanced BIONZ X image-processing engine includes refined processing algorithms that reduce noise in the medium-to-high sensitivity range while enhancing subjective resolution and image quality.

Exmor RS Sensor image

The larger sensor in a Sony mirrorless camera improves every aspect of your imaging – more pixels, better low-light sensitivity and wider dynamic range.

Groundbreaking high-speed performance

A game-changing image sensor from Sony delivers a new dimension of photographic speed. The remarkable brain inside Sony mirrorless cameras locks onto moving subjects using multiple focus points, then tracks movement, keeping them ready to shoot the moment you are.

Image | High-speed focus and tracking

High-speed focus is a key advantage. It instantly locks onto a moving subject and anticipates where it will go next, so you easily stay focused and ready to shoot.

Image | Phase and Contrast detection AF

Unlike typical DSLRs, Sony mirrorless cameras offer precision tracking that covers nearly the whole frame. These focus points seek out your subject with both speed (phase detection AF) and accuracy (contrast detection AF).

Image | Eye AF Scenarios

Eye AF gives you exceptional portraits by precisely focusing on your subject's eyes—a key to great portraits. For stunning wedding and other photography, no focusing tool is more powerful.

Image | Animal Eye AF

Animal photography will never be the same, thanks to Real-time Eye AF for Animals. The camera focuses on and tracks the eyes of animals, for beautiful pet portraits and wildlife shots.

Long battery life

Extend your shooting time dramatically with the combination of the high-capacity Z-series battery and the extraordinary efficiency of Alpha cameras. Sony manufactures the sensor, processor, viewfinder and many other parts for Alpha cameras, meaning power management is maximised.

Image | Z battery

Compact, lightweight & durable form-factor

Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras excel at maximising functional usability in compact, lightweight and durable bodies that can go just about anywhere.

Image | Camera Body

Lightweight camera body

Light, extra-rigid magnesium alloy strengthens and toughens the body without adding unwanted weight, ensuring your camera is convenient to take anywhere and has the durability for years of performance.

Image | Steady Handling

Easier, steadier handling

Grip and shutter button are redesigned for optimal comfort and stability, even with large lenses attached over long shooting periods.

Image | Dust and Moisture Resistant

Dust and moisture resistance

Sealing around buttons and dials, and a double-layered structure, interlocking panels and components enhance protection.

Powered by AI to seamlessly track and capture

Available on the newest Alpha cameras, Real-Time Tracking gives photographers the freedom to simply identify a subject using a focus point or touch. This lets the camera track that subject as they shoot, removing the burden of managing focus from the photographer entirely.

Real-Time Tracking fluidly switches from Eye Autofocus to Face Detection to generic subject tracking on the fly, for extraordinarily reliable autofocus in a wide range of situations.

The AI recognition algorithm efficiently processes colour, pattern, distance, face and eye data from the image sensor for high accuracy.

(1) Face [AI] (2) Eye [AI] (3) Colour (4) Pattern (5) Distance (6) Real-time Processing

G Master. Tomorrow's Lenses Today.

Image | G Master Lens collection
Logo | G Master

The G Master series of lenses combines stunning resolution and beautiful bokeh to deliver breathtaking creative possibilities.

Exceptional imaging performance

Every aspect of G Master series lenses is refined to fully meet professional requirements in the studio or out in the field. Extraordinary imaging performance is accompanied by outstanding speed, efficiency and reliability.

Superior precision for enhanced bokeh

[1-1] Conventional aspherical lens surface [1-2] Undesirable bokeh result [2-1] XA (extreme aspherical) lens surface [2-2] Beautiful bokeh result

Aspherical lenses are much more difficult to manufacture than simple spherical types. XA lens elements achieve extreme surface precision that eliminates optical imperfections for the most beautiful bokeh you've ever seen.

[1] Undesirable bokeh [2] Design refined for beautiful bokeh

Advanced computer simulation technology is employed to design superb bokeh into the optics achieving luxuriously smooth, soft background bokeh without jarring lines or edges.

Flawless operation & reliability

Sony's in-house lens production delivers the highest quality optics with advanced lens technologies.

Industry leading actuator technology means faster, more precise focusing in manual or auto mode. Unerring focus precision helps to realize the full potential of these extraordinary lenses.

Solid construction, including a dust and moisture resistant design and comprehensive controls, are just a few of the features that add up to precise performance in any situation.

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