What is your room size?

 Why is room size important?

Matching a soundbar to room size is important, like selecting the right TV screen-size for your viewing position. Think of your 'listening position' in the same way. A powerful soundbar with a subwoofer may overwhelm you when used in a small room, just like a large television could.

What is your budget?

What do you like to watch on TV?

 Why does this matter?

All Sony soundbars allow you to enjoy TV, music and movie sound for a more involving experience. Larger, more powerful models with a separate subwoofer, or even rear-speakers, will suit movie-lovers and gamers as they can deliver the impact and volume levels often required for a home theatre experience.

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Technology Explained

Do I need a subwoofer?

A subwoofer can add extra depth to the sound produced by the soundbar, known as bass. Bass improves the movie-experience, particularly when watching action films, musicals and other audio-centric types of television.

Logo | Dolby ATMOS Logo | DTS:X

What are Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X?

Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X are the latest surround-sound standards, recently introduced by Industry leaders in Cinema-audio, Dolby and DTS Laboratories. Using the same immersive surround-sound technologies used by premium cinemas, both formats are now available in home-cinema products, including soundbars, televisions and Blu-ray Disc players. Also, both standards are used by TV and movie streaming services, online gaming, Blu-ray Disc and other sources.

Rather than multiple speakers placed around the room, Sony's Dolby ATMOS/DTS:X compatible soundbars are unobtrusive, easy to set-up and can support up to 7.1.2ch sound, for a better movie experience.

Logo | Dolby Digital

What is Dolby Digital?

Dolby Digital is the original surround sound format widely used by TV broadcasts, internet streaming and movie discs. Supporting up to 5.1ch of surround sound, Dolby Digital is supported by all current Sony soundbar models.

Logo | S-Force Front Surround Logo | S-Force PRO Front Surround

What are S-Force Front Surround and S-Force PRO Front Surround?

S-Force Front Surround is an innovative Sony surround audio technology which can deliver immersive surround-sound effects, using only front speakers, rather than multiple speakers spread around the listening position. Using Sony-unique DSP (Digital Signal Processing) soundbar models with S-Force Front Surround or S-Force PRO Front Surround offer impressive sound which feels much wider and more immersive; improving the experience of TV viewing, movies, music and more.

Logo | Vertical Surround Engine

What is Vertical Surround Engine?

Thanks to Sony's Vertical Surround Engine, Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X movies with height sound-effects can be enjoyed in the home. Unlike systems with ceiling and wall-reflection, Sony have developed an approach not reliant on reflection or bulky, multiple speaker designs. The result? Compact, easy to set-up soundbars with immersive surround-sound.