Digital Camera ZV-1

Truly made for Content Creators.

Discover how some of Australia's most talented content creators and vloggers use the ZV-1 to tell their stories.

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Kim Dao | Content Creator

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Conagh Kathleen | Content Creator

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Jorden Tually | Travel Content Creator

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Elly Awesome | Tech Reviewer

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NOMADasaurus | Content Creators

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Daneger & Stacey | Travel Vloggers

The Digital Camera ZV-1 is designed to capture amazing videos of you and your world without any tricky set-up.

Whether you're capturing spontaneous moments or shooting planned content, the Digital Camera ZV-1 is a pocket-size device that delivers all the features you need to shoot effortlessly.

Autofocus that just works

The Digital Camera ZV-1's intelligent autofocus locks on every time, so you won't miss capturing spontaneous moments when they strike.

Image | Fast Hybrid AF

Fast Hybrid AF

The focal-plane phase detection AF sensor delivers fast and accurate focusing so you can quickly switch the focus between the face and the background that you want to shoot.

Image | Real-time Eye AF

Real-time Eye AF for movies and touch tracking

Keep track of the subject's eye and face in real time for extremely high tracking precision. Use Real-time Tracking by touching a subject on the screen so the focus is automatically locked on to the subject.

Capture your best look

Effortlessly capture your subject's best look with optimised face colour and brightness.

Image | Perfect skin tones

Perfect skin tones

Capture a natural looking skin tone optimised for both movies and stills, for ideal subject emphasis when shooting.

Image | Consistently bright faces

Consistently bright faces

Automatic adjustments keep faces well-exposed and ensure that the face is depicted at optimal brightness even when shooting in conditions with constant changes to the light.

Shoot on the go

Take smooth videos as you move with best in-class stabilisation.

Image | Smooth, steady videos

Smooth, steady videos

Advanced image stabilisation means you can shoot steadier video even when you're capturing content on the move.

Record crystal-clear audio

Capture the exact sounds you want even in challenging outdoor environments with the Digital Camera ZV-1's impressive audio recording features.

Image | Impeccable sound

Impeccable sound

The internal Directional 3-Capsule Mic clearly captures the speaker's voice, delivering high quality recorded sound.

Image | Minimise unwanted noise

Minimise unwanted noise

The supplied wind screen greatly reduces wind and other background noise, allowing for clear recording of the speaker's voice.

Image | Enhanced sound recording

Enhanced sound recording

Use the in-built mic jack for an external microphone for even higher sound quality when shooting.

Amazing videos made easy

The Digital Camera ZV-1's one-button settings let you swiftly achieve stunning effects with the push of a button.

Image | Showcase products with ease

Showcase products with ease

Present products clearly with the Product Showcase Setting that automatically shifts the focus between your face and the item you are discussing quickly and easily.

Image | One-button instant bokeh

One-button instant bokeh

Achieve beautiful background blur with the simple press of a button to make your subject pop.

Compact design

With a lightweight body, ergonomic grip and flexible LCD screen, the Digital Camera ZV-1 is perfect for shooting videos in any situation.

Image | Lightweight & compact

Lightweight & compact

A light camera body means you can enjoy more comfort during prolonged handheld shooting while still benefitting from the high performance capabilities of this vlogging powerhouse.

Image | Body grip

Body grip

A newly added grip gives you a solid hold on the camera and provides extra comfort for selfie-shooting as well.

Image | Vari-angle LCD screen

Vari-angle LCD screen

The side-opening Vari-angle LCD screen makes selfie-shooting even easier and allows you to check the framing of your video as you film.

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