The Art of Vlogging

We used to dream about being rockstars & astronauts. Now we blow out the candles and wish for YouTube fame and glory on the 'gram. Follow us as we tell the stories of some of our favourite creators, people who didn't stop at wishing, and find out what it takes to create full time.

What does it take to be a vlogger?

In this short series, we follow eight creators as they journey to South Korea with Sony Australia and explore how they have worked to build careers as fulltime vloggers and the ways in which they capture and share their unique experiences and lifestyles with their audiences.


Episode 1 Getting Started - Part 1  
Episode 2 Getting Started - Part 2  
Episode 3 Gear & Shooting Tips
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Meet the Vloggers

Meet the creators who are crafting and sharing extraordinary content with Sony gear.

Profile Image | Stefan Haworth
Stefan Haworth Action Sports & Commercial Photographer
Profile Image | Flying the Nest
Flying the Nest Travel Vloggers
Profile Image | Elly Awesome
Elly Awesome TV Presenter, Vlogger & Videographer
Profile Image | Jake Rich
Jake Rich Filmmaker & Vlogger
Profile Image | Kim Dao
Kim Dao Beauty, Travel & Lifestyle Vlogger
Profile Image | Daneger & Stacey
Daneger & Stacey Travel Vloggers
Meet the Vloggers

Create with Confidence

Whether you're capturing the beautiful world around you, sharing your thoughts on the latest beauty and lifestyle products or showcasing a unique experience, Sony offers a vast range of Digital Imaging gear that can support your content creation and elevate the stories you share.

Product Image | RX0 II and a6400
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