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12 April 2010
Sony strengthens its IPTV offering in Australia
Additional channels, including ABC’s iView, and BRAVIA Internet Video-enabled Blu-ray players
Sony Australia today announced the expansion of its IPTV offering, including the addition of five new channels to its BRAVIA Internet Video service and the release of IPTV-enabled Blu-ray players.

Included in the company's new internet channel line-up is ABC's iView, as well as four global channels, bringing the total to 20 BRAVIA Internet Video channels announced. The new global channels are On Networks, Daily Motion, Howcast and Concierge. These channels join catch-up TV services and made-for-the-internet content from Yahoo!7, SBS, Billabong and YouTube that will be made available through BRAVIA Internet Video in the coming months.

From next month, Sony will add Blu-ray players to its stable of products that allow Australians access to its IPTV service, BRAVIA Internet Video. This brings the benefits of Blu-ray and internet video to customers who may have recently purchased a new TV. Sony's S370 Blu-ray player is all you’ll need to access BRAVIA Internet Video channels – simply connect it directly to the internet and a television. As with Sony’s BRAVIA TV range, the IPTV channels can be accessed easily through the XrossMediaBar interface on the Blu-ray player and viewed on a television.

"Since we announced our IPTV offering earlier this year, we've had an overwhelming response from content companies, retail partners and consumers," said Paul Colley, Sony Australia's Technology Communications Manager. "The extension of our IPTV offering to include additional internet channels and Blu-ray players reinforces our commitment to this technology in Australia. Sony is focused on providing the broadest range of home entertainment products for accessing IPTV, as well as the widest range of content."

Colley continued, "BRAVIA Internet Video offers a whole new wave of content for Australian consumers, and encourages the viewing of internet video on the large screen TV in the living room, rather than crouched over a small PC screen. The success of IPTV in Australia will be dependent on ease of use and the breadth and variety of content available. The addition of a service as successful as ABC's iVew to our BRAVIA Internet Video line-up will really assist in driving IPTV awareness and take-up.”

ABC’s iView service
ABC iView is Australia's leading catchup tv service, offering the best local and international comedy, drama, documentary, arts and culture and kids programs from ABC1, ABC2 and ABC3. The launch of ABC iView on Sony’s BRAVIA Internet Video Service comes at a time when iView will host the Australian premiere of the new Doctor Who series, which was launch on Friday 16 April at midnight, before its ABC1 premiere on Sunday 18 April at 7.30pm.

In March, ABC iView recorded 471,000 visitors and 1.671 million visits. This was the highest number of monthly visits ever recorded. Top programs for March included The IT Crowd, Santuary, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, QI, Good Game, Total Drama Action, Hungry Beast, Peep Show and The Young Ones.

Sony's new IPTV device: S370 Blu-ray Player
Watch your favourite Blu-ray and DVD movies with this stylish, slim Blu‐ray player. Featuring BRAVIA Internet Video, you can stream online video content directly to your TV. The USB input also allows the playback of photos, movies and music directly to your TV.
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