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Compatibility for KDL-55HX750

Supported File Formats For Playback Via DLNA/Wi-Fi Direct And USB Devices On 2012 BRAVIA Models

Article ID:501299(modified 07 Jan 2013)

Applicable Models

KDL-26EX550, KDL-32EX550, KDL-32EX650, KDL-32HX750, KDL-32HX753, KDL-32HX75A, KDL-40EX650, KDL-40HX750, KDL-40HX753, KDL-40HX75A, KDL-40HX850, KDL-40HX853, KDL-40HX855, KDL-46EX650, KDL-46HX750, KDL-46HX753, KDL-46HX75A, KDL-46HX850, KDL-46HX853, KDL-46HX855, KDL-55HX750, KDL-55HX753, KDL-55HX850, KDL-55HX853, KDL-55HX855, KDL-55HX950, KDL-55HX955, KDL-65HX950, KDL-65HX953, KDL-65HX955

You can enjoy video, audio and image files on your TV from supported DLNA device and enjoy photo, music and video files stored in a Sony digital still camera, camcorder or USB storage device by connecting the device via a (non-supplied) USB cable or directly. See the chart below for supported file formats:

Use the DLNA feature to access media files over your home network from other DLNA enabled devices, such as a PC or PlayStation®3 system. Or you can use devces with compliant to Wi-Fi Direct standard, smartphone or pc with DLNA push controller, 2.4GHz to directly connect to television.

O = Supported
X = Not Supported

Category Codec Container File Extension DLNA/ Wi-Fi Direct USB Playback
Video MPEG1 MPEG1 .mpg, .mpe, .mpeg O O
MPEG2 MPEG2PS .mpg, .mpe, .mpeg O O
MPEG2 MPEG2TS .mpg,.m2t, .mpe, .mpeg O O
AVC(MPEG4 part10) MPEG2TS .m2ts, .mts O O
AVC(MPEG4 part10) MP4 .mp4 O O
MPEG4 visual(MPEG4 part2) MP4 .mp4 O O
DivX Home Theater Profile 3.0 *1 avi .divx, .avi O
(Except KDL-HX95x Series)
(Except KDL-HX95x Series)
Xvid avi .avi O*5 O*5
WMV Asf .asf, .wmv O*2 O*2
- OGG .ogv X X
- 3gpp/3gpp2 .3gp, .3g2 X X
DivX HD avi .divx, .avi X X
DivX HD plus MKV .mkv X X
- RealMedia .rm, .rmvb X X
- MOV .mov X X
- FLV .flv X X
Music LPCM - .wav O O
MPEG-1 Audio layer3 - .mp3 O O
WMA Asf .wma O*3 O*3
AAC MP4 .mp4, .m4a O*6 O*6
Image JPEG - .jpg O*4 O*4
- .mpo O*6 O
PNG - .png X X
RAW (Sony α) - .arw X O

*1: DivX SD
*2: Supported for WMV9/VC1
*3: Only supporting WMA9 Standard
*4: Supported for DCF2.0/Exif 2.21 (YCbCr 4:4:4 is out of this specification)
*5: Internal GMC is not supported
*6: If it cannot play, please perform Software update.

Important Information

  • :These devices were confirmed as of April 2012.
  • The devices have been tested by Sony and found to be compatible, however, some functions may not be supported. It was perfumed under environment without interference wave and obstacles.
  • The wireless network condition differs depending to below matters:
    - Interference with other wireless devices as microwave (Turned off other wireless devices)
    - Distance between your device and TV (Place the your device cross to TV)
  • The compatibility charts and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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