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Notice to owners of Action CAM and Handycam® using Ustream (currently IBM Cloud Video)

    Ustream, which is previously the live video streaming service by Ustream, Inc., is now provided by IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) as IBM Cloud Video.

    IBM has informed that from September 17th, 2018 onwards, IBM Cloud Video (formerly Ustream) will be ending free streaming and providing only paid plans.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    *”Ustream”, “IBM Cloud” and “IBM Cloud Video” are trademarks of IBM.

    Applicable Models:

    • [Action CAM]
      • FDR-X3000R/FDR-X3000
      • HDR-AS300R/HDR-AS300
      • HDR-AS50R/HDR-AS50
      • FDR-X1000VR/FDR-X1000V
      • HDR-AS200VR/ HDR-AS200V
      • HDR-AS100VR*/HDR-AS100V* *requires system software update
      • HDR-AZ1/HDR-AZ1VR
    • [Handycam®]
      • HDR-PJ410/HDR-PJ410E
      • HDR-CX440/HDR-PJ440/HDR-PJ440E
      • HDR-CX450/HDR-CX450E/HDR-CX455/HDR-CX480/HDR-CX485
      • HDR-CX620E/ HDR-PJ620E
      • HDR-CX670/HDR-PJ670/HDR-PJ670E
      • HDR-CX625/HDR-CX675/HDR-PJ675/HDR-PJ675E
      • HDR-CX680/HDR-CX680E/HDR-PJ680

    *Not all models are available in all countries/regions. Availability may differ by countries/region.