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Can my camera take photos in RAW format?

    Perform the following steps to check if your camera supports RAW format shooting:

    Check the camera.

    To find out whether your camera can take in the RAW format, check the camera settings as follows:

    MENU -> Camera Settings -> Image RAW File Type or Quality

    NOTE: The procedure above is an example. The menu items differ depending on the model. For details, refer to the manual.

    Check the support site.

    You can check the specifications from the product display page.

    NOTE: The Specifications information of some products is not listed.

    1. Input the model name for the product into the search window, and display the product’s page.

    2. Click Specifications at the top of the screen.


    3. If RAW is listed under RECORDING FORMAT, your camera supports RAW-format shooting.


      NOTE: If RAW is not listed, the camera does not support RAW-format shooting.

    For details on RAW files, refer to the following:

    What is a RAW image file?