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The camera turns off automatically while using the projector.

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The camera is equipped with an Auto Shut Off, Eco Mode, or Power Save feature that automatically turns the camera off a certain period after the last operation to conserve the battery power even while using the projector.

To use the camera and projector longer, set the A. Shut Off, Eco Mode, or Power Save feature to Off in the camera menu.

Method of operation:
  1. Select Setup from MENU
  2. Open General Settings on the displayed menu.
  3. Set Auto Shut Off, Eco Mode, or Power Save to Off.
For camera model DCR-PJ6:
  1. Select Show others from Menu with the multi-selector.
  2. Select Power Settings in General Set on the displayed menu.
  3. Set Auto Shut Off to Never.
IMPORTANT: Using the projector raises the temperature of the LCD screen and the projector lens. If these parts become too hot, the camera turns off the power automatically to protect the projector. If this happens, leave the camera off for a while to allow the projector to cool before using it again. Other functions will work accordingly once the camcorder is powered back on.