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How to set up a Network speaker on a wireless network to stream music from Apple Macintosh computer?

    To control music playback through the Network speaker, you must use the Network Audio Remote App on an Apple Macintosh device such as an iPad, iPhone or iPod device.

    IMPORTANT: The steps in this solution only pertain to models SA-NS300 and SA-NS400.

    1. Install the EyeConnect software on your Macintosh computer to stream music to the Network speaker.
    2. Connect your Network speaker to your router using an Ethernet cable.
    3. Start the EyeConnect software.
      NOTE: Make sure to write down the IP address that is assigned to your Network speaker in the list of attached devices in the EyeConnect software.
    4. Open up a browser window, type the IP address from step 3 in the browser address bar and press Enter. This will connect to your Network speaker and run the Wireless Configuration program.
    5. Choose your preferred language.
    6. Click on Network Settings.
    7. Enter the SSID, security method and password of your home network.
      IMPORTANT: You will have 30 seconds after step 8 to disconnect the Network speaker from the router. If your Mac computer is in a different room than your router, you may want to have someone else ready to unplug it or move quickly to the speaker to disconnect it.
    8. Click Apply, then click OK, and these settings will be sent to your Network speaker.
    9. A 30-second countdown will begin and then your Network speaker will restart.
    10. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from your Network speaker before the countdown ends.
      • If you do not know your home network settings, use your Internet browser to access the settings of your home router.
      • If you do not know the IP address, default User ID and default Password of your router, you can obtain this information from the online support page for the manufacturer of your router.
    11. After the Network speaker has restarted, the LINK LED on the back of the Network speaker will turn green.
      NOTE: If the LINK LED light turns red, repeat this procedure beginning with step 6.

    You can now stream music wirelessly from your Mac computer using the Sony Network Audio Remote app.

    Now that the speaker is set up on your wireless network, you can move it to the desired location in your house.