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How to prevent the Walkman from different types of water damages.

    Damages caused by contact with liquids are subject to expensive reparation fees. Also, there are many cases where important data were not recoverable and were lost. The following are some examples of problematic scenarios and how to handle them.

    prevent your Walkman from liquids

    Water damages may be caused by the following.

    1. Water drops
      • Rain water gets into the Walkman when using it while it is raining
      • Using the Walkman after washing your hands without drying
    2. Being submerged in water
      • Spilling a drink
      • Dropping the Walkman into the washbasin, bathtub, toilet, water tank, etc.
      • Leaving the Walkman in clothes pocket and put it through the wash cycle in a washing machine
    3. Condensation
      • Moving from a cold environment to a heated environment causing condensation.
      • Going out from a cool air-conditioned room to the hot outdoors causes condensation.
      • Putting the player into a bag together with a cold plastic bottle causes condensation inside the Walkman.
      • Condensation inside the Walkman caused by the effect of sweat or humidity.

    Consult the following points on how to protect your Walkman from damages caused by liquid contact.

    1. Do not use your Walkman with wet hands
    2. In the season when it is easy to sweat, keep the player away from your body, for example put the player in your bag
    3. Do not leave your player in humid places like bathroom for a long time
    4. Avoid using your Walkman where it is easy to get wet like in the washroom
    5. Do not put it into your bag together with a cold plastic bottle

    When your player gets wet, use a soft cloth (such as spectacles wiping cloth) to wipe the surface of the player right away.
    NOTE: Thinner, gasoline (benzine), or alcohol will damage the exterior finish of your player, therefore do not use those products.

    If the contact with liquid is substantial, it may cause fire or electric shock, therefore stop using your player, turn off the power, and remove the connected devices right away. Even if the water drops are wiped clean, some water may have been gotten into the interior of the player. Please contact us to have your Walkman checked out as soon as you can.


    • Places where water easily gets into
      Just a small amount of water may even get into your player through tiny gaps. Repetition of extremely small amount of liquid contact caused by water drops or humidity inside the player will lead to internal components corrosion over time. Avoid using or leaving your player in an environment where temperature changes suddenly or a humid environment as much as you can.
      gaps of the walkman
      [1] A gap of the buttons
      [2] A gap of the exterior
      [3] WM-PORT jack

    • Walkman corrosion
      Once the moisture gets into the body of your Walkman, the internal components may be corroded, or short-circuited. Also, the WM-PORT jack may be corroded, blue rust may appear as the below image. In particular, if the moisture remains in the metal terminal part, it will cause the rust to appear and damage the player.
      Walkman corrosion

    • To prevent the WM-PORT jack from getting wet

      • If you are using a model that comes with a WM-PORT cap, use that cap since it will prevent the water or dust from getting in. Refer to the manual on how to install the cap.
        WM-PORT cap
        [1] WM-PORT cap
      • Use a soft and dry cloth when removing dust in the WM-PORT jack. If you use a damp cloth, or blow the dust out with your breath, moisture will adhere and cause damages.
    • Damages caused by dirts in between the case and the body of the player
      If you use a case, it is recommended to remove it and clean it up frequently. Dust collected between the case and the body of the player may retain humidity and cause damages.