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Are there any restrictions on use of the electronic shutter?

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The following functions are unavailable when the Shutter Type is set to Electronic Shut.

  • Flash shooting
  • Long Exposure NR
  • Bulb shooting
  • Continuous shooting with a shutter speed longer than 1/8 second
  • High ISO sensitivity settings of above ISO 25600
  • Shooting with remote release when FA-WRC1M Wireless Radio Commander is attached to the Multi Interface Shoe

The maximum shutter speed for the electronic shutter is limited.

  • The maximum shutter speed is 1/16000 second when the shooting mode is set to one other than S (Shutter Priority)/M (Manual Exposure), and during bracket shooting with a setting other than WB bracket or DRO Bracket.
  • When the shooting mode is set to S (Shutter Priority)/M (Manual Exposure), the next available shutter speed after 1/16000 second is 1/32000 second.
  • Shutter speeds of up to 1/16000 second can be registered to Recall Custom hold.
  • A shutter speed of up to 1/16000 second can be registered as the shutter speed at which the ISO sensitivity starts changing (ISO AUTO Min. SS).

Shooting results when using the electronic shutter

  • A belt-like contrast may be recorded in images shot under a momentary light (such as the firing of another camera’s flash) or a flickering light such as fluorescent lighting.
  • When using the electronic shutter, the micro rolling shutter phenomenon (slight distortion or aliasing caused by high-speed readout) may occur under the following conditions.
    • The subject is moving very quickly within the imaging area.
    • A flash light from another photographer was recorded in the image.
    • The illumination from a spotlight, etc. or light source is moving very quickly within the imaging area.