Article ID : 00181006 / Last Modified : 16/08/2017

Notice to Sony VAIO Customers Regarding Details of Replacement Program for Certain Battery Packs

    Dear Sony Valued Customer,

    Following Sony's recent announcement of VAIO's joining its global replacement program for certain lithium-ion battery packs that utilize Sony-manufactured lithium ion cells used by notebook computer manufacturers, Sony is now announcing local details of the battery replacement program for VAIO. This is to address any concerns customers may have over the recent over-heating incidents. For customers who have the battery packs applicable for this program, please kindly follow the procedure.

    Please note:
    • For the battery packs applicable for the replacement program, a new battery will be provided free of charge.
    • The replacement program will only cover the battery packs and not the main VAIO unit.
    • Please allow us time for the delivery of the replacement battery pack. It may take over 1 month due to the tight supply.
    • Customers who have applicable battery packs for this program will be notified by VAIO Contact Centre as soon as the replacement battery pack is available.

    Replacement Procedure

    1. Please confirm whether your battery pack is applicable for the replacement program.
    2. If it is, please contact your local VAIO Contact Centre and provide the following information:

      • Battery Pack model name, part number and serial number
      • VAIO main unit model name and serial number
      • Contact details (phone number, e-mail address)
      A list of the VAIO Contact Centres can be found in the Support Network page.
    3. The VAIO Contact Centre will contact you once the replacement battery pack is available and advise customers of further details of replacement procedure.

    Battery Packs which are applicable for the replacement program

    Battery pack model: VGP-BPS2B and VGP-BPS3A
    • There are exceptions depending on serial number, please check the site below to determine if your battery pack serial number falls into the affected range.

    The battery packs above are used in the following Sony Personal Computer models:
    • Sony VAIO models that included a VGP-BPS2B battery pack:

      • VGN-FE15GP / VGN-FE18GP
      • VGN-FE15LP / VGN-FE18LP
      • VGN-FE15TP
      • VGN-FE14SP / VGN-FE17SP
      • VGN-FE17NP
      • VGN-FE15C / VGN-FE18C
    • Sony VAIO models that included a VGP-BPS3A battery pack:

      • VGN-T27GP/L / VGN-T27GP/S / VGN-T37GP/L / VGN-T37GP/S
      • VGN-T27LP/L / VGN-T27LP/S / VGN-T16RLPS
      • VGN-T27TP/L / VGN-T27TP/S / VGN-T37TP/L / VGN-T37TP/S
      • VGN-T27GP/L / VGN-T26SP/S / VGN-T36SP/S / VGN-T26C/L / VGN-T26C/S /
      • VGN-T26C/T / VGN-T27C/L / VGN-T37C/L

    If you have further questions, please contact your local VAIO Contact Centre. A list of the VAIO Contact Centres can be found in the Support Network page.

    We, at Sony, understand that many consumers have been concerned by the recent battery issues. We continuously strive to provide customers with fine quality products and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may cause.

    Thank you very much for using Sony products.