Article ID : 00182750 / Last Modified : 16/08/2017

Notice of software update for LCD Projection TV and LCD TV

    Sony Australia recently learnt that four of its TV models require a minor software upgrade. Affected models will require the upgrade once the TV has been viewed for more than 1,200 hours cumulatively.

    Affected models display the following symptoms:

    • The TV can not be switched off when the power is in "on" mode, and cannot be switched on when in "stand by" mode.
    • It is not possible to change the input mode.

    In Australia, the following models and serial numbers are affected:

    • KLV-V26A10 (Serial number 7000001 - 7002040)
    • KLV-V32A10 (Serial number 7000001 - 7002899)
    • KLV-V40A10 (Serial number 7000001 - 7006000)
    • KF-E42A10 (Serial number 2000001 - 2000667)

    To remedy this situation, Sony is offering a software update to owners of the affected units. Please check the model and serial number of your TV. If your TV is affected, kindly call our Customer Contact Centre to have arrangements made for the software update to be performed.

    For further assistance or to arrange for the software update, please contact:

    Sony Australia Customer Contact Centre: 1300 13 7669

    We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause to our customers. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    PIM statement

    Personal information, such as your name and mailing address, provided to the contact above will be kept and used only for the above purpose. The information may be disclosed to the third party subcontractors that operate such service on behalf of Sony, but will be strictly controlled and will not be used for any other purposes.

    How to check the model name and serial number:

    The model name and serial number are indicated in your manual and on the back of the TV.
    LCD Projection TV
    The photo refers to KF-E42A10
    LCD TV
    The photo refers to KLV-V40A10