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Frequently Asked Questions about LF-S50G

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Q1: Can I command gesture control with anything other than my hands?
A1: It may work depending on the material, but it is made to be operated by hand and fingertip.

Q2: Is the speaker magnetically-shielded?
A2: The speaker is not magnetically-shielded. Please do not place tapes, watches, credit cards, etc. near the speaker.

Q3: Can the speaker be used while bathing? Is the speaker waterproof and splashproof?
A3: With the grill attached, the speaker has IPX3-rated splashproof specification. It cannot be used while bathing.
NOTE: Take precaution to prevent water from coming in contact with the AC adapter or the speaker’s input terminal.

Q4: Does the Music Center app support LF-S50G?
A4: LF-S50G is not supported by the Music Center app. Please use the Google Home app.


Q1: Can I change the volume level of the setup guidance?
A1: Yes. You can change the volume by using gesture control, the minimum volume of the guidance is 40 percent.

Q2: I cannot reduce the volume of Google Assistant using gesture control. 
A2: The volume of Google Assistant can be reduced to a set level using gesture control. 
The lowest possible volume of Google Assistant is pre-determined. Even if the volume number continues to become smaller through gesture control, the volume will not go below the set level.
NOTE: Even if the volume number is reduced to 00 (zero zero) with gesture control, the audio will not be muted.

Q3: I cannot adjust the volume of Google Assistant using voice command.
A3: In order to adjust the volume using voice command, face the smart speaker and speak aloud the percentage you want to set the volume to (0 - 100), followed by "percent".
NOTE: If you want to set the volume to "5", tell Google Assistant "volume 5 percent".

Q4: I can't adjust the volume of LF-S50G with a Bluetooth connected Walkman.
A4: LF-S50G does not support adjusting the volume from Walkman devices. We recommend adjust the volume of the speaker with gesture control or voice command.
NOTE: By changing the settings of some Walkman devices, they can control the volume of LF-S50G.

For NW-A40 series

  1. Select Settings

  2. Select Bluetooth

  3. Select Audio Device Connection Settings

  4. Select Use Enhanced Mode


Q1: Can I use the Bluetooth function without a Wi-Fi network?
A1: To use the Bluetooth function, Wi-Fi connection must be established.
NOTE: If network connection shuts off after initial setup, connection and playback via Bluetooth are possible. However, the speaker will power off one hour later.


Q1What is NFC?

Q2Listen to Music from an NFC-Capable Device.


Q1: How do I reset the LF-S50G Wireless Speaker?
A1: You can reset the LF-S50G by pressing and holding the microphone off button located opposite of the Bluetooth pairing button. Press and hold until all four of the speaker's LEDs light in orange
Q2: Wireless Speaker Doesn't Respond to Voice Commands
Q3: I cannot play Google Play Music.
A3: If you cannot play Google Play Music, or if an error occurs, confirm the conditions of use of Google Play Music. 
If you were using the Google Play Music free trial service, the trial period may have ended. To continue use, you must purchase a subscription to Google Play Music. 
For details, contact the Google Play Music service provider.