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Frequently Asked Questions about LF-S50G

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    Q1: Can I command gesture control with anything other than my hands?
    A1: It may work depending on the material, but it is made to be operated by hand and fingertip.

    Q2: Is the speaker magnetically-shielded?
    A2: The speaker is not magnetically-shielded. Please do not place tapes, watches, credit cards, etc. near the speaker.

    Q3: Can the speaker be used while bathing? Is the speaker waterproof and splashproof?
    A3: With the grill attached, the speaker has IPX3-rated water resistant specification. It cannot be used while bathing.
    NOTE: Take precaution to prevent water from coming in contact with the AC adapter or the speaker’s input terminal.

    Q4: Does the Music Center app support LF-S50G?
    A4: LF-S50G is not supported by the Music Center app. Please use the Google Home app.


    Q1: Can I change the volume level of the setup guidance?
    A1: Yes. You can change the volume by using gesture control, the minimum volume of the guidance is 40 percent.

    Q2: I cannot reduce the volume of Google Assistant using gesture control.
    A2: The volume of Google Assistant can be reduced to a set level using gesture control.
    The lowest possible volume of Google Assistant is pre-determined. Even if the volume number continues to become smaller through gesture control, the volume will not go below the set level.
    NOTE: Even if the volume number is reduced to 00 (zero zero) with gesture control, the audio will not be muted.

    Q3: I cannot adjust the volume using Google Assistant.

    Q4: I can't adjust the volume of LF-S50G with a Bluetooth connected Walkman.
    A4: LF-S50G does not support adjusting the volume from Walkman devices. We recommend adjusting the volume of the speaker with gesture control or voice command.
    NOTE: By changing the settings of some Walkman devices, they can control the volume of LF-S50G.

    Example for NW-A40 series

    1. Select Settings.
    2. Select Bluetooth.
    3. Select Audio Device Connection Settings.
    4. Select Use Enhanced Mode.


    Q1: Can I use the Bluetooth function even when not connected to a network?


    Q1: What is NFC?

    Q2: How to listen to music from a mobile device through an NFC-capable device using one-touch connection


    Q: How do I reset the LF-S50G Wireless Speaker?
    A: You can reset the LF-S50G by pressing and holding the microphone off button located opposite of the Bluetooth pairing button. Press and hold until all four of the speaker's LEDs light in orange.