Article ID : 00191869 / Last Modified : 15/09/2021

Sound skips or breaks up when connected to wireless speakers via the Bluetooth function.

Sound cuts out during Bluetooth connection, including the Speaker Add and Wireless Party Chain functions.

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check the Applicable Products and Categories section of this article before starting these steps.

    Depending on your usage conditions, the sound may skip or break up. Check the following.

    • Use the device as far away from the following as possible.
      • Areas where a wireless LAN access points is set up.
      • Nearby microwaves in use, TVs, radios, tuners, and other such devices.
    • Move the connected Bluetooth device closer to the speaker.
      Issues may occur if there are walls, people, metal, or other objects that interrupt Bluetooth waves between the speaker and your smartphone or tablet.
    • Issues may occur if you are operating apps or accessing the settings screen on your smartphone or tablet. Stop Bluetooth playback when performing these operations.
    • When connected to a smartphone or tablet, restart this device before reconnecting to the speaker via the Bluetooth function.

    If the conditions above do not apply, use the following method to change the wireless playback quality of the speaker to Priority on stable connection.
    NOTE: The following method does not apply when using multiple speakers simultaneously (Speaker Add or Wireless Party Chain function, etc.).

    SRS-XB20, SRS-XB21, SRS-XB22, SRS-XB30, SRS-XB31, SRS-XB32, SRS-XB40, SRS-XB41

    SRS-XB23, SRS-XB33, SRS-XB43

    GTK-XB60, GTK-XB90