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What types of mobile devices are supported for USB Tethering with BRAVIA TVs (other than Android TV)?


    • This article only applies to specific products. Please check the Applicable Products of this article.
    • For TV models released in 2017, USB Tethering becomes available with Software update.  Please perform the software update.

    To use USB Tethering with Bravia TV, the connected mobile device must support USB Tethering. As of April 2018, the models below are confirmed to be operational. Devices that are not in the list are not guaranteed to operate, but try them because they may work.

    Smart Phone modelsAndroid Version
    SONYXperia TX4.1.2
    Xperia XA17
    Xperia XZ7.1.1
    Xperia Z15.1.1
    Xperia Z26.0.1
    Xperia Z3 Compact6.0.1
    Xperia ZR5.1.1
    AsusZenfone GO5.1
    HuaweiMate 97
    NEO 55.1
    SamsungGalaxy Nexus T92504.0.2
    Galaxy Note 14.1.2
    Galaxy S4Oppo5.0.1
    SymphonyXplorer V525.1


    • The function or procedure depends on the mobile device. Please refer to the manual of your mobile device.
    • Bravia TV does not support USB tethering with iPhone or iPad.
    • Sony does not necessarily guarantee support for USB tethering with all mobile devices. Some mobile devices do not support USB tethering with BRAVIA TVs.