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What new services or features available after software update (Version v1.541/v1.841/v6.541/v6.841)?

    IMPORTANT: This article only applies to specific products. Please check the Applicable Products of this article.

    The software of some target models of BRAVIA TVs are scheduled to have major updates.
    If your TV software is updated, the following various features are added or improved.

    NOTE: For the update procedure or notes about updating, refer to the software download page for your TV model.

    New Home menu screen

    The new Home menu screen will have a more vibrant look and feel with more visuals.
    You can directly access apps and search content easier and faster.

    1. Easy Network Setup
      You can set up your network and connect to the Internet from the top left corner icon.
      This icon also indicates the status of the network.
      iconStatus indication
      Network icon 1Network not setup
      This icon has a “bounce” animation so the user can notice.
      Network icon 2Network connected
      Indicates LAN is connected before checking Internet. Also indicates that Internet is available after checking Internet.
      Network icon 3Network not connected
      Indicates that connection to the router (LAN) has failed.
      Network icon 4Connected to router, but internet not available
      LAN connection is okay, but Internet check has failed.
    2. New search feature
      You can quickly search for content in USB media, browsers, and selected Apps all at once. Select the search icon  at the upper left of the Home screen to display the screen keyboard and search by keyword.

      • The availability of the search items depends on your model/region/country.
      • Supported languages for screen keyboard and search : Vietnamese, Thai, Arab, Persian, English, Spanish, German, Polish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Russian
      • The last 10 search entries are displayed on the right of the Keyboard screen.
    3. New Recommendations Rows
      Rows of recommended content from the following apps will be displayed on the Home screen.
      • YouTube 
      • Netflix
    4. Quick access to All Apps
      A list of apps are displayed on the Home screen.

    Help Guide Search

    In the Help Guide, you can search from the search icon. (Except for Arabic, Persian and Thai languages)