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The sound from the Rear Speaker is low. (HT-AX7)

    The rear speakers play surround sound as part of the multi-channel sound or when virtually processed from the 2-channel sound. Because of the characteristics of the rear speaker, the sound may be low depending on the playback source. If you feel the sound is not output from the Rear Speaker even though you turn up the volume, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Sony | Home Entertainment Connect app, and select the speaker.
    2. On the app screen, turn on the Sound field.
      Note: Keep the rear speakers away from the front speaker.
    3. On the app screen, turn up the Rear level to the desired level.

    Hint: If you prefer, turn off the Sound field, or keep the rear speakers close to the front speaker to find the best condition.


    • The rear speakers do not output sound during a phone call.
    • For details about the Sony | Home Entertainment Connect app, refer to the device Help Guide or the app screen.