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How to back up files and folders in Windows® XP using Backup utility?

    Using Backup utility in Windows® XP to back up files and folders on the VAIO computer.

    Using the Backup tool in Windows® XP to back up data from the VAIO computer will help to protect data in the event of hard disk failure or files being accidentally erased. Data can be easily restored from disk or archived copy with Restore Wizard or Automated System Recovery Wizard.

    Ensure that administrative rights are given before proceeding to back up files and folders.

    1. Click Start and click All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Backup.
    2. Click Advanced Mode and click the Backup tab.
    3. Click New and select the desired drives or folders that to back up.
    4. Select the System State option and enter the full path and file name for the Backup media. User can also click Browse to select the appropriate location for backup.
    5. Click Start Backup.
    To append this back-up to the previous back-ups, select the Append this backup to the media option.
    To overwrite previous back-ups with this back-up, click the Replace the data on the media with this backup option.
    6. Click Advanced and select the Verify data after backup option.
    7. Select the appropriate Backup Type and click OK.
    8. Click Start Backup and the back up progress begins.
    When the back up is complete, click Close.