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Why can't the built-in Motion Eye camera be used?

    The built-in Motion Eye camera cannot be used.

    Please refer to the following steps to enable the built-in Motion Eye camera:

    - The built-in Motion Eye camera cannot be used together with more than one software. Please close the software and restart the computer.

    1. Click Start, select All Programs, select PowerPanel and click PowerPanel.
    2. Check whether the Built-in Camera is set to Power On.

    3. If the Built-in Camera is set to Power Off, click Edit/Create Profile.

    4. Right-click Built-in Camera - Power Off and click Power On.

    5. Click Yes for the new setting to take effect.

    6. The Built-in Camera will be set to Power On.

    If the built-in Motion Eye still cannot be used, it could be due the drivers of the hardware devices not working. Please check the Hardware Device Manager to see whether there is any exclaimation mark or question mark beside the Imaging Device. Please reinstall the device driver. If after reinstalling the device driver, the symptom still persists, please refer to the Download section on the left menu to download the latest drivers.

    In the Downloads section, please select Notebook and proceed with the steps below:
    1. Move the cursor to the relevant Notebook Series and click the model of the VAIO computer.
    2. Locate any latest Captured Driver updates and proceed as per instructions on the screen.

    If the symptom persists after reinstalling the device driver, please contact the local Sony VAIO Helpdesk. For more information on contacting the local Sony VAIO Helpdesk, please refer to either the Customer Service Guide or Warranty Card that comes with the computer. Alternatively, click here for the contact details.