Article ID : S500007027 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018Print

Noises come out at "Welcome to Windows 98" after starting Windows

    "Welcome to Windows 98" program is usually launched after starting Windows on notebook computers installed Windows 98. Sometimes, the sound of this breaks off or contains noises. This symptom is obvious when the "Welcome to Windows" window is being displayed and the startup sound comes out. This symptom may occur in other situations, however, it is not so obvious.

    This is not a hardware problem. Therefore, even if you return the PC for repair, the problem cannot be resolved.

    This symptom occurs if the CPU is overloaded while the sound drive is carrying out processes. Especially at startup, the load on the CPU increases since "Welcome to Windows," PowerPanel and others are started simultaneously, and the CPU must handle multiple processes in parallel. For this reason, the symptom is obvious at startup. This symptom is not obvious unless more than one processing requires the CPU attention at the same time as startup.