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How to insert still images using DVgate Plus?

    Inserting still images using DVgate Plus

    Still images that are captured in the Still Capture Mode can be inserted to a movie.
    1. Select a still image clip to be inserted and click Edit Clip.
    2. Perform each of the settings as below:

    Playback Duration
    Enter the time of the still image insertion by second and by number of frames.
    It can be set within the range from 0 second/1 frame to 59 seconds/24 frames.

    Image Size
    Select an image size of the still image as below.
    * Original option
    To insert the image without enlarging it

    * Fit to Screen< option
    To insert the image in full screen
    (The aspect ratio may change from the original image.)

    * Fit to Screen (Keep aspect ratio) option
    To insert the image by fitting to the screen and by keeping the original aspect ratio

    3. Click OK.