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How to connect parallel printer to PCG-C1 series VAIO ?

    How to connect parallel printer to PCG-C1 series VAIO ?
    How to connect and use the USB-to-Parallel (Centronics) Converter ?

    To connect and use the parallel printer, a separate third party USB-To-Parallel (Centronics) Converter is required to connect a 25 pin parallel device to a USB port.

    This adapter converts a USB connection to Centronics, which enables the connection of a parallel printer directly to a USB port. Some of this converter does not enable the attachment of any other parallel devices (which use a standard 25 pin parallel connection) to a USB port.

    1) Not all printers are compatible with USB-To-Parallel converters. Please contact the printer manufacturer to confirm if the printer is compatible with the converter.
    2) The Sony IJP V100 All-in-One printer is NOT supported via USB. The bundled software looks for the printer on a LPT port set for ECP Mode. The printer functionality may be used by installing the HP DeskJet 570 print driver, however, the software cannot be installed for full use of the other functions, such as scanning, copying, and faxing. Other features such as out of paper notification will also be disabled,
    3) Non-Sony "All-in-One" printers may have similar issues, such as not being able to scan, copy, or fax. Please contact the manufacturer of the printer for information regarding connecting the printer to a USB to Centronics converter.
    4) Printers connected via USB may not be detected or function properly if they are connected before the system starts. If this occurs, turn on the system and connect the USB cable after Windows is started.

    B) Installing The USB-To-Parallel Converter (If driver provided)
    Follow these steps to install the USB-To-Parallel converter.
    1) Insert the provided installation floppy disk in the floppy drive.
    2) Go to [Start]->[Programs]->[Windows Explorer]
    3) At the "Window Explorer" window, from the main menu, click [View]->[Folder Options].
    4) Select the [View] tab and under the list of "Advanced settings", click the "Show all files" option and select "OK".
    5) Select the 3-1/2 Floppy (A:) drive icon.
    6) At the "3-1/2 Floppy (A:) drive" window, from the main menu, click [Edit]->[Select All] and click the Copy button.
    7) Select the path "C:\Windows\Options\Cabs" and click the Paste button to copy the driver files.
    8) Connect the USB end of the converter to the USB port on the computer. Windows 98 will detect the new cable automatically.
    9) At the "Add New Hardware Wizard" window, click [Next]->[Search for the best driver for your device]->[Next].
    10) At the "Windows will search for new drivers" screen, click to check [Specify a location]
    11) In the "Specify a location:" box, type: C:\Windows\Options\Cabs and click [Next]->[Finish].

    C) Using The USB-To-Parallel Converter
    1) When installing the printer using the Add New Printer Wizard, there will be a screen to select the port for the printer. Be sure to select the "USB_LPT1" port.