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How to connect to a wireless Local Area Network (LAN) using the functions of Windows on Windows Vista?

    Connecting to a wireless Local Area Network (LAN) using the functions of Windows on Windows Vista.

    Please confirm the following points before proceeding.

    If a wireless switch is installed on models which have built-in wireless LAN, please turn on the switch first.

    After turning on the switch, the status of the wireless LAN indicator will be shown as ON.

    Please refer to the user manual or online manual for the location of the wireless LAN indicator.

    * Wireless switch is not availabe for VGC-L series.

    Please check the status of the wireless LAN indicator in the lower right side of the screen.


    For models with built-in wireless LAN, please check the wireless LAN function using Wireless Switch Setting Utility.

    Preparation Operations

    Note: The displayed windows may vary according to different models.

    1.   Right-click one of the following icons: , or . Select Show Main Dialog.


        Note: If the Wireless Switch Setting Utility icon doesn’t display in the notification area, please start it from VAIO Settings.

       Wireless Switch Setting Utility can also be launched by clicking Network and Connection - Set up a wireless network.

    2. A window will display indicating Show Main Dialog. If the wireless LAN function cannot start, please confirm that two checkboxes in the Wireless LAN column are selected.

    3. Click OK to close the window. When a wireless LAN PC card is being used, please install drivers first. After that, check if the card is correctly connected with the PC and if a wireless connection is available.

    A list of available wireless networks is displayed and a network is connected.

    1. Click Start, and select Connect to.

    2.  Click and select Wireless.

    3. Click an available Network access point in the list, and click Connect.   

    4.  A message stating Connect to (the access point name) is received. The following window will display automatically.  


    5Check Save this network and Start this connection automatically. Click Close.


    A new network is connected without network settings.

    1. Click Start, and select Connect to.

    2. Click Set up a connection or network.

    3.SelectManually connect to a wireless network. Click Next.

    4. Enter the information for the wireless network you want to add, such as Network name and Security Type. Confirm that both Start this connection automatically and Connect even if the network is not broadcasting boxes are checked. Click Next.

    5. Click Close