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Why can't the setting of power management in control panel be saved ?

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Why can't the setting of power management in control panel be saved ?
Why do all the settings of [Power Schemes] in the [Power Management Properties] change back to "Never" after the computer was restarted ?

In ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) of Windows, the power management function is controlled by the operating system instead of BIOS. However the operating system (Windows) does not have detailed power management functions such as adjusting Thermal Control Strategy, CPU Speed and LCD Brightness. [PowerPanel] is a utility to cover the functions that ACPI of the operating system (Windows) does not have.

To adjust the setting for the power management, follow the steps below:
1) Right-click on the "PowerPanel" icon from the taskbar.
2) Select [Edit/Create Profile...] to launch the [Profile Editor].
3) Select and highlight any profile eg, AC Power and then select the desired setting in the next window.
4) For example, select the [LCD Brightness] and right-click to change the setting.
5) Click on [File] followed by the [Save] option to save the changes before exiting the program.

Note : After changing the setting in profile editor, do not change the power mangement properties from the "Power Management" icon in [Control Panel]. The setting will change back to "PowerSuite Scheme" everytime the computer restarts.