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Why can't file be added and an error message appears when trying to burn a DVD+/- R disc?

    File cannot be added and an error message appears if user has already have burned over 2GB onto DVD+/-R disc in Windows Vista.

    Error Message: There was a problem burning this disc.

    Reproduction Steps:
    1. Insert blank DVD+R or DVD-R disc into the Optical Drive and double click the optical drive.
    2. Click Show formatting options in Prepare this blank disc dialog box.
    3. Select Mastered and then press Next

    4. Drag and drop a file that is more than 2GB.
    5. Press Burn to disc button on the menu. Burn to disc dialog box appears.
    6. Press Next to burn the data on the disc.
    7. Insert the same disc into the Optical Drive again after burning the data successfully.
    8. Drag and drop a small-size file and proceed with the DVD burning.
    9. The error message appears.

    Please confirm if the reported case meets the following conditions.
    - The file burned in the disc is more than 2GB.
    - Use Mastered in Vista standard writing format.

    This is one Vista OS related issue. Try the following procedure if the customer is experiencing this symptom.
    1. Prepare a new blank disc.
    2. Choose Live File System when burning the file that is over 2GB.

    Further information please visits the following Microsoft web site.