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Win2k :Settings to listen to the music CD through the speakers of a computer in the Windows 2000.

    Settings to listen to the music CD through the speakers of a computer in the Windows 2000.

    I want to enjoy a music CD through the speakers built in my computer (digital reproduction of a music CD) in the
    Windows 2000 environment.

    Refer to the following procedure to enable the digital play of the music CD on Windows 2000.

    - Condition of the digital play of the music CD
    OS must be Windows 2000 Professional.
    The driver of a CD-ROM drive that supports Windows 2000 Professional must be installed.

    Install the Windows 2000 driver for PCGA-CD51 to your computer.

    1. Double-click the "System" icon from "Start"-"Settings"-"Control Panel".
    2. The "System Properties" window appears. Click the "Hardware" tab and then click "Device Manager" button.
    3. When the "Device Manager" window appears, click the "+" button on "DVD/CD-ROM Drives".
    4. Right-click the name of the CD-ROM drive and then click "Properties".
    5. When the window of "(CD-ROM drive name) Properties" appears, click the "Properties" tab and turn on the checkbox of "Enable digital CD audio for this CD-ROM drive" in the "Digital CD Playback" box.
    When the checkbox has been turned on already, you can play back digital CD audio as it is.
    6. The following warning message appears, but click the "Yes" button.

    "Digital Playback Enable
    This drive has not been shown to support digital playback. Symptoms may include poor audio quality, cd player
    applications responding oddly or not responding to the PLAY command, and/or silence when seemingly playing audio. Are you sure?"

    When you command processes that apply loads to CPU or run applications that require processes of frequent interruption during the playback of a music CD, the music might sound intermittent or as noise sometimes.
    Refrain from operating the computer during the playback of music.

    7. The settings will become enabled after the restart of the computer.