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How to change the brightness of screen?

    How to change the brightness of screen?

    Different computer models have different operating steps.
    If users want to change screen brightness, please refer to the steps applicable to the computer model.


    Models released after May 2004

    Adjust screen brightness via VAIO Power Saving Settings.

    Different computer models have different interfaces displayed and pop-ups.
    1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
    2. Click Performance and Maintenance.
    3. Click Power Options
    4. Click VAIO Power Saving Settings,and then click the content in the red box in Brightness of LCD of  Project Settings
    5. When users are using AC power and battery at the same time, please adjust the brightness of screen separately. 
    6. Click OK.

    Reference information
    Users can also use Fn or the brightness switch on certain models to adjust screen brightness.
    Please note that after users have restarted Windows, the brightness will restore to the former settings of VAIO Power Saving Settings.

    Models released after January 2007 (Models preinstalled with Windows Vista)

    Please refer to the following steps to adjust screen brightness.

    1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

    2. Click Change battery settings in Mobile PC.

    3. Click Change plan settings of the power plan which users want to setup in Power Options.

      Set the following picture of power plan in VAIO Standard Settings as an example.

    4. Drag the slider of Adjust LCD brightness under ON battery and Plugged in in Edit Plan Settings to adjust the brightness.

    5. Click Save changes.

    6. Click× (Close),to close all the interfaces.