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How do I start Windows Me in Safe Mode?

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How do I start Windows Me in Safe Mode?

Refer to the steps below to start Windows Me in Safe Mode:
*Please note that the windows and messages appearing on the screen may vary, depending on models.

1. When the [SONY] logo appears on the screen right after you have turned on the computer, press the [Ctrl] key.

2. When [Microsoft Windows Millennium Startup Menu] appears, select [3. Safe mode].

3. The error message of SBS DRV (driver of BatteryScope) appears, but click the "OK" button. (This procedure is required only on the models that use SBS Driver.)

4. [Help & Support] function of Windows will be displayed in full screen with a wizard which will guide you on the troubleshooting of a problem.
Clicking [Next] will display the option buttons of several items, with which you can troubleshoot the problem.

5. To close [Help & Support] and display the window of the ordinary Safe Mode, click the [Close] button on the upper right corner of [Help & Support].
The system is running is Safe Mode when [Safe Mode] appears on each corner of the screen.

* "Safe Mode" or "diagnostic mode" is the Windows environment containing the minimum functions (drivers) necessary for starting the system.
* To resume to the ordinary Windows Me (Normal Mode), select [Shut Down] -> [Restart]. Windows Me then starts in Normal Mode.