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Why is the right edge of the Web page missing when printed?

    When a Web page is printed, the right edge is missing.

    When a Web page is long from side to side, the right edge may not be printed sometimes.
    This may occur due to the structure of the page and it is not possible to solve the problem fundamentally. However, changing the page printing settings may help.

    A. Reducing the margin
    When only a small part is missing from the print-out, change the size of the margin with the steps below.

    1. Start Internet Explorer, click the File tab and then click Page Setup.
    2. In the Left and Right margins (range of 0 to 5mm), set smaller numbers and click OK.
    3. Click File and click Print Preview. If the preview is fine, click Print.
    * The Print Preview function is available in Internet Explorer 5.5 and later versions.

    Please try the following method if the problem persists.

    B. Set the printing orientation to Landscape.

    1. Click File and then click Page Setup.
    2. Select the Landscape option and then click OK.

    C. Reducing the size of the entire page.
    The ability to shrink the page size depends on the printer driver.
    For the details of the settings, please contact the printer manufacturer.