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What are the types of devices/media which SonicStage Ver.2.0 support?

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Types of device/media files which SonicStage Ver.2.0 support.

1. Audio CD (including CD Extra and CD Text):
- All standard audio CDs (including CD Extra and CD Text) can be played back using SonicStage Ver.2.0.
- MP3 CDs and ATRAC CDs canot be played back.
- Track from audio CD can be recorded using SonicStage Ver.2.0 and these tracks can also be managed using SonicStage Ver.2.0.
- OpenMG (ATRAC3), OpenMG (ATRAC3plus), WAV and MP3 format can be used by SonicStage Ver.2.0 for recording.
- An audio CD can be backed up onto a CD-R/CD-RW disc by backing up an Audio CD or creating a CD from tracks on various audio CDs.

- In order to record tracks in MP3 format, SonicStage MP3 Add-on Program must be installed on the computer. (For some Sony VAIO series computer, SonicStage MP3 Add-on Program is already preinstalled.)
- Recording of tracks from audio CDs will not be possible for copyright-protected CDs.

2. CD-R/CD-RW:
- Tracks can be written from My Library to a CD-R/CD-RW disc to create an original audio CD.
- Audio CD, ATRAC CD and MP3 CD can be created by SonicStage Ver.2.0.

3. OpenMG compatible devices/media:
- Tracks on OpenMG compatible devices/media connected to the computer's USB port can be played back.
- Tracks from My Library can be transferred to OpenMG compatible devices/media.
- Tracks that are recorded on Hi-MD devices or MG Memory Stick compatible devices can be imported into My Library.

- Tracks on VAIO Music Clip, certain types of Network Walkman and ATRAC CDs cannot be played back.
- When playing back tracks from a Net MD device connecting to the computer, sound will be produce from the Net MD device instead.
- When playing back tracks transferred to a Hi-MD device connected to the computer in Net MD mode, sound will be produced from the Hi-MD device instead.
- Tracks recorded on a Net MD device cannot be imported into My Library.