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Tell me about the compatibility of Windows Me with Windows 98SE, Windows 98 and Windows 95.

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Can I use my peripherals and applications I have been using
with my previous Windows as they are?

I cannot use on Windows Me my peripherals and applications
that have been working normally on the previous Windows.

Windows Me does not always have the full compatibility
with the previous Windows.

Windows Me is not always compatible fully with Windows
98SE, Windows 98 and windows 95. When you want to use
your peripherals and applications for the previous version of
Windows, be sure to check with their manufacturers whether
or not the products support Windows Me.


- The use of peripherals and software that do not support
Windows Me may cause such troubles as the damage of the
system and the loss of your data in the worst case.

- Furthermore, even when peripherals and applications
support Windows Me, they do not support sometimes the
power management system of Windows Me. If you use those
peripherals and applications, some limitation may take
place in the state of standby, pause, shutting down and
restart. When you check the supporting information, make
sure to check the details of such information.