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What is the "Dynamic Normalizer" function?

    About the Dynamic Normalizer function.
    By activating the Dynamic Normalizer feature, you can reduce the volume level between songs. With this setting, when listening to album songs in the shuffle play mode, the volume level between songs is moderated to minimize the difference in their recording levels.
    Please follow the steps below to activate the Dynamic Normalizer function:

    1. Press and hold BACK/HOME button until the Home menu appears.
    2. Press the  button to select  and then press the  button to confirm.
    3. Press the  button to select Music Settings and then press the  button to confirm.
      The list of Music Settings appears.
    4. Press the  button to select Dynamic Normalizer, and then press the  to confirm.
    5. Press the  button to select the desired setting, and then press the  button to confirm.
      On - Minimizes the differences in the volume level of the songs.
      Off (Default setting) - Plays back the songs in the original volume level when transferred.