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How do I launch the Scan Disc function on Direct CD ?

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How do I launch the Scan Disc function on Direct CD ?

When you use Scan Disc, you can repair Direct CD CD-R/RW media that could be read
before. After the repair, you can read/write like a floppy disc.
When the CD-R/RW cannot read the media, launch Scan Disc.

There are several reasons why the CD-R/RW media cannot be read.
E.g. when copying large amount of data to CD-R from HDD, CD-R recorder turns to temporary unbalanced, when you are writing files to CD-R, the power of CD-R recorder turns off for some reasons or an error was located on an important part of CD-RW media.

How to launch Scan Disc
- There is a launch Scan Disc Option to repair when Direct CD wizard locates unreadable media.

1. Double click the [Direct CD] icon on Task tray.
2. The [Direct CD wizard] window appears. Click [Next].
3. The [Scan Disc] wizard launches.
4. Select the recorder where the unreadable media was inserted. Click [Next].
5. When Direct CD searches that media, the [CD Scan] window appears.
6. Click [Scan Disc] button.
7. Select [Repair error automatically] if you want Scan Disc to repair the error file automatically.
8. Click [Start].
9. When Scan disc is done, a message appears.
10. Make sure the message states the error is repaired.

*If the Version of Direct CD is 3.0 and above, you can use option settings to select small details on how to repair.
Click on [Options] of Direct CD wizard and select settings below:

"Repair Options"
- Ask Me First
Scan Disc will prompt you for repair options
- Auto Repair.
Scan disc will automatically make any necessary repairs.
- Skip Repairs
Scan Disc will not make any repair when errors are found.

"Type of Test"
- Standard Test
Performs a general test on the file and directory structures.
- Thorough Test
Performs Standard test and checks disc sectors for defects. (CD-RW only)

Limitation of Scan Disc Direct CD
- Scan Disc can only make a disc readable again if the disc was previously readable through DirectCD.
- Scan Disc does not recover the files that were being copied when the drive stalled or the power failed.
- Scan Disc cannot restore defective discs. A disc can become defective due to drive failure, power failure, and dirt or scratches on the disc. CD-R drives often have difficulty reading defective discs.